Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Hi Everybody!

Happy St Patrick's Day to all who celebrate it!

I am also linking to Art Journal Journey, if you go down to the woods.
Mama Bear is evidently Irish....

And for 99 faces a lace-face with lots of green and blue....

Rehab/Boot camp is still very hard, and my knee is still painful and swollen,
but I can walk better from day to day, so I am hopeful
that it will be really better in a few weeks.
11 days down - 4 to go!

And last but not least some spring photos, taken last year - it's so hard to wait!

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. You are right it is hard to wait for the flowers to appear. Nice to see your photographs instead..

    Terrific Irish page with the wonderful greens.

    Love the face and the lace effect.

    Hope you had a good day

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Oh flowers- these are so pretty. I am getting more and more impatient for them to come out here. Your St. Patty's bear is great, as it the second lace face. Happy St. Pats Day, and hope your knee gets back to normal soon.

  3. Nice St Patrick's Day piece and a creative lace face! Lovely spring flowers from last year!

  4. And a happy St. Pat's to you, Valerie. What a perfect piece to celebrate it.
    The flowers are lovely.

  5. Love your greens and blues today, I think we are all longing for spring! Have a good day at the Rehab, take care, hugs, Sarah

  6. Süß Deine Irische Bärenmama und Dein Spitzen-Gesicht ist ganz besonders heute! Ja es ist echt doof das Warten auf den Frühling.... menno!
    Gut Boot Camp Liebes - Bald hast Du so viel Kraf überall wie die Bären im Wald!


  7. I love your Irish woods page! The colours on the lace face really make the features stand out! Hoping that boot camp will speed up your recovery and the Spring walks can resume with a spring in your step too! Hugs, Chrisx

  8. Erst mal Happy St.Patrick's Day für dich liebe Valerie und weiterhin gute Besserung. Deine Bärenseite ist wieder total schön geworden, genau wie dieses Spitzen verhüllte Gesicht. Die Frühlingsfotos sind auch so schön, vielleicht locken sie ja den Frühling hervor. Heute lacht hier, und sicher auch bei dir, die Sonne und vielleicht kannst du ja schon die ersten Frühblüher aufstöbern.
    Hab einen schönen Tag.
    LG Sabine

  9. Two beautiful pieces! The face is really interesting with those lace elements. Happy St Patrick's Day. I always think it's funny that is so big in the US, here in the UK nobody celebrates it really.....

    1. When I was growing up in London there were always Paddy Parades, I used to love watching them!

  10. "Mama Bear is evidently Irish." Brrrhahahahah! That broke me up -- why? I have no idea. Thanks for the laugh. Love your lacy face and the lovely spring photos - even if they are from last year! Miracles are happening here - the sun was out today. OH MY .. that felt wonderful! Hope boot camp went well. Hugs, Donna

  11. Brilliant this and the creation looks awesome... {aNNie}

  12. HA, love your Mama Irish Bear!! Beautiful doily work on the face image. I sure do hope we get some flowers around here in the summer, gorgeous pics! hugs :)

  13. Love the Irish page, Mama bear looks good in green. The face is also fantastic, love the effects with the lace. Great photos, it won't be long till we can see the spring flowers this year.
    Yvonne xx

  14. Great art again today :) Love the spring flowers ♥♥♥ My plum tree is in full bloom already which is way too early :( We have forecast of frost for the weekend so if that happens there won't be any plum again this year. :'( It's always iffy with the plums as it's one of the first trees to bloom . When we do get plums the tree is loaded and I have to race to beat the squirrels.

  15. Great face and sweet St. Paddie's Day page. I forgot all about it, so thanks for the reminder. I must go pull out something green from my wardrobe now.

  16. I love your St. Patrick's page, with all the diverse elements. I also love the photographs of all the beautiful blooms. Blessings!

  17. Hehhehehe - so fun. Every picture you listed is GREEN or at least has lots of green in it!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT. Both your projects are super but I love the first one - your little bear with his hat... totally made me smile Valerie!!! And your photos - wow - every one of those flowers - so amazing to see. And that tree - we called them weeping willows when I was a child - used to hide out underneath!!!!!!! XXj.

  18. Beautiful post. Love your art work. Happy St. Patrick's Day!! xo

  19. Your st Patrick's page is a happy piece of art today. And the lace background on the face page is very unique for a terrific effect. As always I loved the spring photos.

  20. I am SO far behind. I want to wish you a very belated happy St. Patrick's Day and hope the next four days of boot camp are less painful. I love the way your represented the Irish green and the bear with the hat made me smile.

    Like you, I'm ready for spring. Spring decided to take a hike in my area and it's turned cold. But I'm sure things will turn around soon.

  21. Love you St.Paddy's Day page. Those lucky little bears - I wonder if they were out in the woods looking for gold!! I really love that page.
    Well we have had our corned beef and cabbage and yesterday I fixed corn beef hash. I was most proud of myself! Only wish I could have brought you over a plate full!
    sandy xx


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