Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fairies and faces

Hi Everybody!

I have enjoyed a restful weekend. I went for a walk yesterday,
and had a pyjama day today, so feel more rested
and ready to get through the last 2
days of Rehab/Boot Camp.

For Art Journal Journey, if you go down to the woods, I have another hybrid page, using a painted background layered with an old document, a photo of a bird and branch, and some digital add ons.

This is one of the doodle drawings I made while I was in hospital. It was not easy drawing in bed, I just used a graphite stick as I didn't
want to make a mess with colours. I was planning on doing a few alterations, but have decided to leave them as they are. I am linking to
99 faces - 4 on one page!

Yesterday and Friday we had lots of morning mist, but I like the way the mist sucks the colour out of the world.

Have a good start in the new week, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Your fairy wood is beautiful, I would like to go there. The face doodle drawings are lovely, too, as are the misty views. Have a good week, just two more days to go. Hugs Sarah

  2. Magical, beautiful and brilliant work of art...xxxx

  3. Great that your week was a restful one. I like the branches on the journal and the animals. Nice of you to share, best wishes!

  4. very nice work for the challenges Valerie! 2 days to go...yay! The mist does make for a colourless day.

  5. Yes, mist is funny though. I love too how it sucks out the colors, but if you have some bold colors, they seem to pop in the mist. What a strange thing it is. Love your digital hybrid. I think adding the elf and fairy is a great addition. And those sketches are really good. I think it is a good idea to leave them as they are. And glad you had a good pj day- perfect for getting ready for the last 2 days!!! You must be ready to finish up-Hugs-Erika

  6. The journal page composition is inspiring. Your doodling is amazing to say the least. Love the mist pictures. It is difficult to draw out a good view in the mist unless you have a good place to help accent and give texture. Excellent.

    Hugs and Blessings

  7. Wunderbare Arbeiten..und 4 auf einen Streich bei 99 Faces ist rekordverdächtig! Du beschämst mich
    Bald hast Du es geschafft and Boot Camp is history!!!!
    Happy new week!

  8. Love the fairy and deer page with the beautiful birds as well.

    Great face page you did in hospital and a great idea to draw a group for a change.

    The photographs make the view mysterious and I hope the fog lifted soon afterwards.

    Nice that you relaxed over the weekend ready for the last two day of 'training'. I hope it has helped you feel better.

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. Another great hybrid page and I love the faces. Have a good week!

  10. Liebe Valerie,
    wunderschön deine Seite im tiefen Wald, ein Märchen... Doodles liebe ich, mache ich auch in jeder freien Minute, da hast du nun mein Herz erreicht mit, traumschön gemacht.
    Herzliche Grüsse und eine sonnige, schöne Woche, Sichtwiese

  11. Fabulous doodle faces, they make are a wonderful group of women. Its a great hybrid page as well, love the deer and the sweet fairy additions. Last two days, I hope it has helped you as it should, you have been working very hard at Boot camp.
    Yvonne xx

  12. Wow, your doodle drawing is amazing! Love the misty shots, I kind of like the eerie feeling of a misty day! hugs :)

  13. Nice misty moments that you captured... and lovely doodles :-)

  14. As always I love everything, but particularly the Magic piece. I love fairies and dragonflies! Kudos. Glad you are down to two days of boot camp. This time next week it will be in the rear view window.

  15. Oh yes, I love the mist and your misty photographs.
    I do like your forest with the magical creatures and birds, especially I like the large rather fierce-looking deer.
    By the time you read this it should only be one day to go?

  16. My oh my,I wish I could draw like you. Your faces are beautiful and so are the animals on your page. The misty photos are delightful. One more day and you can return to your schedule and get to painting and creating beautiful pages and take strolls along the Rhine stopping for a cup of your favorite coffee.

  17. Nice faces and collage. Keep up the good work on rehab! xoxo

  18. Woops! Yes, fabulous hybrid page and I love the creatures that have joined the fairies! Well done for the faces you made in hospital - that must have been difficult but it doesn't show as they are all brilliant! Love your misty day photos! One more day to go - yay! Hugs, Chrisx

  19. Fun, whimsical page. Your faces are fabulous. hugs, Teresa

  20. Beautiful artwork and fab doodling too. Hope the remaining boot camp goes well and that you're fully recovered very soon.
    Fliss xx


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