Saturday, 22 February 2014

A journal page and happy mail

Hi everybody!

Thanks to all who left encouraging messages on my blog or mailed me, with so many people thinking of me the OP just has to go well. I think I am just nervous as I have already had so many eye OPs, this will be the 7th one, and because of that it is a bit more risk. But on the other hand, 7 is a good number!

This is another page I made last week. I pasted old book paper and tissue tape onto the page, and cleaned my brush on it after using the rust and blue on other stuff. I added more colour with pastel chalks to fill in the gaps. I have once again used magazine cut-outs and various stuff out of my overfull bit boxes and from my (rather very untidy) table. I had so much fun putting on layer after layer that I had problems to stop, but sooner or later I did. I am linking to Conny's Mix it Monthly - pets, and 
Moo Mania- old book pages.

I received happy post today from Chrissie, who sent me a beautiful card with good wishes for my OP, and some postcards, which bring back happy memories for me, as they are places which I used to visit when I was in living in England. One card shows a painting from David Hockney, who I got to meet many years back when he had an exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, near where I was living at the time. Thanks for your kindness, Chrissie!

Chrissie made this postcard herself:
My room mate at college came from Durham, and while staying with her I visited the beautiful cathedral there:

I found this beautiful tree stump covered in moss and lichens on my way to visit the ducks and geese on Friday:

I had fun standing watching this beautiful pair at Schloss Kalkum. They ate my salad leaves, then hissed at me and turned their backs!

Have a great day, take care, and thanks a lot for coming by, I really appreciate your support!


  1. Your doggie collage is really charming. I love the bright blues and browns. Wow! Durham Cathedral is so stunning. Happy PPF and good luck with the OPP

  2. Wonderful collage, I am always astonished how you manage to get all those different things to look as though they belong together! Great photos, too! Have a nice Sunday, and don't worry! Hugs, Sarah

  3. More great art and amazing photos!!! I really love the tree stump with all of the moss on it!!!! Still send you positive thoughts for you Op tomorrow ♥

  4. Wonderful collage Valerie she looks like she is keeping a secret :)
    I'm sure 7 will be lucky for you
    Von ♥

  5. I love anything pets and this is a wonderful collage! You do such an amazing job of combining all the elements so beautifully! Great pictures and happy mail (which I wish would have been mine). Knowing all will go just fine during your OP, so don't worry and 7 is my lucky number! Hugs!

  6. wonderful textured pages! Thoughtful cards from your friend.

  7. Lots of amazing elements together in your collage and such fabulous colours. Great happy mail and beautiful photos, love the lichen. xx

  8. woo hoo for the happy mail. Your collage page is just wonderful, you are so fab at this. Thank you for sharing the great photos. Number 7 is definitely a lucky number. Hugs Annette x

  9. There's a lot going on here but it doesn't look at all crowded, you've got this collage technique well and truly cracked. It's just fascinating and you can't go wrong with a couple of teddies.

  10. Fantastic page Val. More beautifully pictures . Will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow. Hugs Rita xxx

  11. Another gorgeous page Valerie. So sweet of Chrissie to send the sweet card and post cards too. You have such wonderful blogging friends who all care for you. I have you in my prayers for the OP, 7 is a lucky number, you are a lucky lady to have so many nice friends. ~Diane

  12. So wonderful and beautiful collage with so many happy elements. Love all of them - especially the teddy bear:) Lovely photos too. Have a happy Sunday!

  13. fabelhaft! das gefällt mir alles sehr!

  14. Liebe Valerie, ich bin ganz verzaubert von Deiner Madame Butterfly! So voller Leben und herrlicher Tiere, man weiß gar nicht, wo man zuerst hinschauen soll. herrlich und es passt so gut in die
    Aufbruchsstimmung des Frühlings.
    Viele liebe Grüße zu Dir!

  15. Wonderful photographs again Valerie-so clear and colourful.

    Love the collage with so much beauty to admire.You mix all sorts of things in one place and it works so well.

    Pleased that you like the postcards -nice to know I hit the right notes will all of them:)

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie x

  16. Fantastic collage pages and super colours, and many, many things to look at. Have a good Sunday.
    Yvonne x

  17. A beautiful vibrant collage Valerie and lovely cards from Chrissie. Sending you a "hug In a mug" which should hopefully be with you when you're home from the hospital! Take care. Xx

  18. Gorgeous Madam Butterfly journal page love love all the layers. Good luck with your OP!


  19. Stunning artwork and lovely happy mail and pics.
    Will be thinking of you tomorrow.
    All the best, Fliss xx

  20. Ach Deine Collagen sind einfach zuckersüss! Ihr Blick und all die süssen Wesen, die sie um sich versammelt!! Wie Du das immer alles zusammenbringst, einfach klasse! Das leuchtende Blau aus dem Hintergrund bringt die Seite zum Singen! Ich liebe sie und freue mich über noch so ein schönes Werk dass Du zu Mix It Monthly beiträgst! Alles Gute für morgen xox Conny

  21. wow,deine Madame Butterfly ist klasse,es gibt soviel zu Endecken,superschöön.
    tolle Bilder hast du wieder gemacht,die fasane sind ja so klasse tiere.
    ich wünsche dir für morgen alles,alles gute und umarme dich ganz fest aus der ferne *knuddel*
    gleich kommt meine freundin und ich muss noch bissi Ordnung machen,freu mich schon.
    hab einen schönen Sonntag :-)

    GLG und Knuddels Jeannette

  22. I have been without wifi for a couple of days, that's how I missed your previous post, but have now just seen it.

    Your collages are always stunning! This butterfly lady with her wonderful pets is no exception.

    So sorry to hear about yet another op. Will be thinking of you tomorrow!! 7 is a good number, but I know how hard it must be! From your lovely happy mail and all the comments it is clear that many people wil be thinking of you and that always helps!!

  23. Gorgeous collage Valerie; one of your best! Love the photos of the geese which look just like the ones we have in our pond in the winter. Great photos. GOOD LUCK tomorrow; you'll do just fine. We'll certainly miss you for a few days.

    Warm love hugs,

  24. Hey Valerie - it will be over before you know it! What a long wait you have had. It is understandable why you are nervous. I do think we all would be nervous too. You have a lot of people sending you good thoughts, wishes and prayers.
    I do like seeing what you pick to take out of magazines for your collages. The title on this is really good. Hmmmm - it seems that the focal point on this are her beautiful eyes and
    the time piece. You also use your eyes when leaving a a reply. The colors you have used are delightful and happy.
    As usual I think your pictures are glorious - you are teaching me to look more closely at the woods surrounding me.
    Best wishes to you Sugar and e-mail us all when you can!!!!!
    Sandy xx

  25. There is SO much beauty where you live!! I Love all of your photos - and that stump is gorgeous! I've taken many pictures of stumps and moss and things like that - all while my sweet husband is rolling his eyes, lol.
    AND I LOVE your journal page - the colors are brilliant and the collage elements are wonderful - this is a favorite of mine! xoxo

  26. Fantastic project, love the vibrant colours. And such lovely photos.

  27. I love your collage Valerie, such a fun and colourful piece. Typical geese, taking what they want then hissing at you lol. Best of luck for tomorrow xx

  28. Valerie your collage is beautiful. The colors are so cheerful What a wonderful gift in your happy mail. Love the walking pics and the geese!
    Best wishes Monday for your OP. Let us know how you are when you can. Prayers for you.

  29. Ein so wunderschöne Kollage! Ich liebe die vielen schönen Details!
    Ich drücke die Daumen für deine Augen-OP! Viel Glück und alles Gute!!
    LG, LonettA

  30. Mist, mein ganzer Text ist weg, weil ich statt auf "publish" auf "sign out" geklickt habe. ISt mir schon des öfteren passiert in letzter Zeit, immer bei jemand anderem. *grummel*
    Ich schrieb ungefähr: Deine Collage gefällt mir gut, man muss erst einmal darauf kommen, dass Mme. Butterfly noch viele andere Haustiere hat.
    Die Karten fand ich ebenfalls sehr schön.
    Achja, dann ließ ich mich noch über die Gänsefotos aus, die mich an meine beiden Gänse Jakob und Hilde erinnern. Die beiden wohnen mittlerweile woanders.
    Wir wollen in diesem Frühjahr auch wieder Gänse haben, aber ich gewöhne mich besser nicht zu doll an sie, denn sie werden im folgenden Herbst geschlachtet. *urgs*


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