Sunday, 16 October 2011

Red Nose Day

I got a fright this morning when I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror - could that strange woman with a pasty face, red nose and matching eyes be me? Yep, it was! Anyway, I will be staying home again today, and resting up.

Just wanted to post the stuff I made on Friday, before the dreaded lurgy got me. The first tag is for the Dragon's Dream TIO. The theme this week is *Ticket to ride*

The next tag is my DT tag for the Halloween Challenge over at *The cheerful stamp pad*.

And at *Just for Fun* we have to recycle something from the kitchen. I have re-purposed a biscuit tin from Aldi's. It was filled with lovely Danish biscuits. I punched holes round the tin at intervals of 1 1/2" using my cropodile,and have turned it into a ribbon tin. I coiled the ribbons inside and threaded one end through the holes. The ribbon pulls out easily, and I have less flying around on my table!

Okay, that was enough for today. I am wrapped up on my recliner, working with my little net-book and have problems because my fingers are bigger than the keys!
Have a good day you all, take care, and thanks for visiting!


  1. Sorry to hear about your red nose day Valerie - strangely enough we have a day called this in the UK which is for a charity called Comic Relief, though I'm sure comedy doesn't come into it with yours!!!
    Gorgeous artwork and a lovely tin which I could do with.
    Hope you feel loads better soon.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  2. Sorry you frightened yourself this morning, Valerie, but happy you finally figured out it was you in the mirror and not an intruder. :o) You sound 'iffy' to me - so bundle up and take care of yourself. Hot rum sounds the order of the day, and if I was not so far away, I would deliver in person. Take care and look after yourself. Love your ribbon tin .. such a coup!

  3. OH my gosh, Valerie, I sure hope that you will be feeling better! How on earth did you manage to make all these beautiful creations while you weren't feeling well?

    I hope that you will be feeling "in the pink" soon!!!
    Sending "get well" hugs your way!!!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments and good wishes ladies. No rum in the house, what a pity....Cindy, I made the things before I got ill, I am not in a condition to do any crafting just now! It can only get better!

  5. Big ((((hugs))) and sparkles to ward off the dreaded lurgy Valerie.
    Loving your tags and the biscuit/ribbon tin is wonderful.
    Take care of yourself and hope you're feeling better soon.
    Hugs xx

  6. Hi Val, sorry to hear you are poorly. My kids are all down with colds and coughs, too, so it's probably a bug! Take care, and get well soon, Hugs, Sarah

  7. I love those biscuit tins. But I never think of prettying them up. :) You did a great job!

  8. Hi Valerie, great tags and what a clever idea for the biscuit tin! Keep yourself nice and cozy today and hope you're feeling better soon. xx

  9. I'm sorry you're not feeling too good and hope you start feeling better soon Valerie. I love the tags and what a great way to recycle a biscuit tin.
    xxx Hazel.

  10. Ooh feel better soon. I know that mirror feeling - I had it too this week. Pale face, dark circles under eyes... Rest up and think creative thoughts!

  11. Hi Valerie. I was pleased to hear you are up and about. I hope you feel better soon. Brilliant makes. Love your beetles tag. Very clever and the ribbon tin is a great idea.
    Regards Florence x

  12. Love the main image and London scenes. Thanks for joining us this week on the TIO challenge.
    Wanda xx

  13. So sorry you have not been well seems to be some nasty virus around. Glorious makes great storage for ribbons thank you for sharing with us at Just for Fun XOXO Zoe

  14. lovely tags and what a great idea for a ribbon tin!

  15. You poor soul. I wonder if it is catching as I have a raspy throat and swollen glands!!
    Brilliant up-cycled item and such a handy way to store ribbons and as always, amazing tags.

  16. Awwwww poor you Valerie getting the lurgy((hugs)) but your tags are fab love the ticket to ride one and the tin inspired :) thank you for thinking of us at JFF
    Take it easy
    Von xxx

  17. Love your Ticket to ride and the Beatles, memories of to many years ago. Hope the rest is helping to to feel a little better. Take care, Yvonne x

  18. Wow Valerie, you are one of the most creative people I know. I love how you are so versatile and adore each piece you create. The Beatles one is stunning !!
    I am so sorry it took me a while to get here but I do hope to be back again soon
    Hugs June xxxx

  19. Oh get better soon! Fab makes by the way. Kim

  20. Super tags, Valerie! I especially like the colourful Halloween one. The biscuit tin is a marvelous idea and so useful too.

    Hope that person in your mirror changes to the right person soon :)

  21. Hi Valerie, sorry to sign on and find you under the weather. Do take care of yourself.

    I have looked back at some of your projects and to just name a few -- your chest for the hall is fantastic, I love the white and gold. Your JOURNAL pages are also marvelous and your RIBBON TIN so unique and clever.

    I'll be off line again next week but will catch up and hope to read you are at the top of your game.

    It is all that cleaning that caused your red nose. hehehe


    PS forgot to mention I like the new photo you use on blogspot when you post, a darling one of you as a young girl.

  22. Hope you are feeling better soon Valerie.
    Love all your pieces and what a great idea for that tin,I think I need to do something like that. Thanks for the idea, if you don't mind.

  23. That ribbon tin is so cool - very clever!

    I love your sea of faces in your PPF post too :)

    I hope you're getting lots of rest and feel much better soon!


  24. love the tags and what a great idea for ribbon storage!

  25. Great tags. Fun fun. I do hope you start feeling better soon! :)

  26. I love the biscuit tin idea!!!!!How pretty and so very practical!!!!!
    Want me to send you some makeup to cover the red nose??
    Hugzzzzzzzzz and love,

  27. Hope you feel better soon. Great tags and idea for storing ribbons x

  28. Schöne Werke hast du kreiert, danke für deine Teilnahme bei TIO in dieser Woche.
    Ich wünsche dir gute Besserung :)

  29. What a crafty tin! Great idea! Love your tags, especially the Fab Four! HUGE fan! Wishes!

  30. Great tag thanks for sharing with us at DragonsDream TIO this week. Elizabeth x

  31. More great projects. So sorry to hear you've been unwell. I hope you're loads better now. Love that Beatles tag, btw!

  32. Love your tag with the flowers and skull. Great combination!

  33. What a great take on our theme... love all your projects and hope you feel better soon...thank you so much for playing at T.I.O


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