Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer or not?

Well, yesterday the sunshine was a right swindle. I had just finished writing about it when it disappeared, and rained all day. And it was cold. Today it's June 21st, the day where it stays light for the longest time in the year, it's officially the first day of summer here, and we are all shivering. All you can do is stay home and paint sunny pictures in the hope that the sun remembers what it should be doing!
Yesterday I had a nice time painting pink, ready for next weeks summer of colour. Pink is more relaxing to piant with than green, so I will do more of it today. But I did manage to finish a canvas. This piece of canvas was left over from another project, and I had it on my table for several days, using a bit of mod podge and gesso here and there and some faces, and bit by bit it grew. And yesterday evening I realised there is so much on it that it's a bit too much, so will probably paint over some parts with gesso again. Or perhaps not. Anyway, here it is,

And I had a piece of wood, the same size, which has been flying around for ages, but now I need it to mount the canvas, it has disappeared. Perhaps it's gone on holiday with the sun. Perhaps I can use it as covers for a journal, we shall see.
I took my 2 envelopes to the postoffice yesterday, the lady was polite, said *Guten Tag* and *Auf Wiedersehen*, so I feel we are slowly getting somewhere. No rude remarks, just normal. How nice!
And this is the alterered notebook I made, the others have all showed theirs so I will too!

The notebook was jsut a plain red one, and I hope my swap partner will like it now it has been prettified.

These are two of the little wooden tags I got in my swap parcel from June, so I made them into *Things with wings* for the challenge over at *The cheerful stamp pad*. There 's still time to enter if you want to make a winged creation, so have a look!

The tags have been covered with paper, gessoed, distressed with wild honey and then I fixed some tiny scap images on to them, before glazing them with rock crackle cnady. they have lots of birds, as well as their own wings.

So that was all for today, I am off to paint pink again. Have a nice day, take care, and thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi Val, I'm enjoying the last days of peace before the school hols begin! Love your canvas! And the book, too. It's all lovely, as usual! Hugs, Sarah

  2. I love your canvas Valerie there's such a lot to look at. I also love the pretty pink notebook and your things with wings are great.
    xxx Hazel.

  3. Loving the pink and that little notebook.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. your bit of wood has obviously eloped with the sun and my mojo!

  4. OK, we'll put them on the wanted list!

  5. Oh your canvas is really something! I'd love to see it in person. How big is it? WOW! Your little book is so pretty .. who wouldn't love it and your tags .. great! Now, back to the canvas ... I really really LOVE it! You are so clever! hugs from mexico, Donna

  6. The canvas is 12" square, erhaps I will use it to cover an album, that would be just the right size!

  7. Hi Val, lovely work, as always, hugs, Barb

  8. Fabulous work. What a treat it is to visit your blog.
    Regards Florence.

  9. Pink is perfect! I love pink, looking forward to seeing more of your pinkness! have a great 1st day of summer! hope the weather changes for you!

  10. It would look fabulous on an album. Donna

  11. Fantastic pieces again, for us to see today. I agree the canvas would be fabulous as a cover. Yvonne xx

  12. Gorgeous Val, especially the canvas.

  13. Lovely pieces! The bird house tag is great!

  14. Wow, du hast ja wieder tolle Sachen gemacht! Findest du überhaupt noch Zeit zum Schlafen?
    Ich hoffe es geht dir wieder besser, Valerie! Ich habe gerade eben erst gelesen, dass du hingefallen bist. Meine Güte, ich bin ja froh, dass wenigstens Leute in der Nähe waren und dir geholfen haben.

    Ich wünsche dir jedenfalls gute Besserung. Es dauert ja immer eine ganze Weile bis alle Prellungen wieder verschwunden sind!

    ganz liebe Grüße,

  15. I am quite intrigued with your canvas...it feels like a mystery to me. I am especially loving that heart shaped "thing with wings"!

  16. So many G O R G E O U S projects, Valerie! Who cares if it rains, when you produce such lovely pieces.

  17. Gotta love a day of pink painting to give you a touch of a sunshiny feeling! Love your birdhouse and heart tags too! Creative fun!

  18. Hi
    It's definitely not summer in my part of the world. The longest day yet it is so dark already.
    Your imagination is remarkable. Just never tire of viewing your art.

  19. Your Canvas is amazing! Love it the way it is.
    The mini book is Gorgeous, then again you only make gorgeous things! I'm loving the little wood tags!
    The House and Heart Are creatively Inspirational! I have to try my hand @ some house tags!
    Love & hugs,Tee

  20. You are so talented & creative.
    Every visit inspires me to go be creative myself, THANKS *hugs*
    The canvas artwork is great, really like your altered notebook, and the wooden tags... are adorable. (great color blend)
    It my be gloomy outside, but your work station is glowing with sunshine! :]

  21. Your posts just crack me up ! I look so forward to reading your blog as well as looking at all the scrummy pictures. More marvels Valerie do you ever sleep ?? If I do one thing a day I'm happy !!! My fave here is the heart its fantabulous.


  22. Wow, Valerie,
    This is all gorgeous! I didn't know that it was the first day of summer...How awesome! And I'm glad the postal lady was nicer! (Here in the U.S., they love it when we have things to mail because it's because of people who mail parcels that they have a job!) They've lost alot of business to people emailing...so, naturally, they're happy if we have something to send.

  23. Beautiful creations Valerie...Happy Summer. gerri

  24. Hi Valerie, we received your sunshine today and it is warm and wonderful.

    Your canvas is exceptional; I love it! The wood pieces are equally beautiful.

    Because it was warm and sunny, I actually got out the patio furniture so summer is on. I usually put it out in April but we didn't have any weather to enjoy it until today.


  25. Well even if your weather wasn't warm today your art warmed my heart.
    Fun bright colors so cheerful, heres to warmer days ahead!
    hugs Lynn

  26. Its Wednesday avo here and Ive finally dropped by. I love your little book and I'm sure your partner will as well! The winged tags are adorable. I haven't started my green challenge yet, so I had better get cracking! Except i cant get that darned song out of my head now. I want to be, under the sea.... thanks for that.

  27. LOL! Wait till you hear the song I've got lined up for you next week.....

  28. So many projects! I'm partial to the altered book and tags. Love all your colors and layering.


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