Monday, 26 March 2018

T stands for Tags and more

Hi Everybody!

Here's wishing you all a good week. We were blessed at the weekend with  days of warm and sunny weather - what a treat after all the cold weather of the past weeks. On Saturday I was able to get out for a nice walk, and it was fantastic to feel the sun on my back or face. It's cool and grey again today, but those 2 days were wonderful.

On Tuesday we are beginning a new challenge at Tag Tuesday, and this time our lovely Wilma is hosting. She has chosen as her theme
'Diamonds are forever'
so this time we would like your tags to glitter and shine with bling.
I used an envelope which had perfume crystals in it as background, and the blinged up nails were cut from a nail advert in a magazine. I added a row of pearls along the bottom.

As always,  tags of all formats are welcome, and you have 2 weeks to link your tags to us. I am looking forward to visiting your blogs.

Tuesday is also time for Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday, so here a warm welcome to all of the lovely ladies of the T Gang.
Last week I went to the Chinese restaurant with G, where we filled our stomachs with lots of good things from the buffet. My drink was diet cola:

A sample of the food we ate:

On Saturday G and I wandered through a nature protection area by the Rhine in the south of Düsseldorf. It was refreshingly quiet there, the only noises being made by the crows and other birds. We were on the lookout for a particular bird that is supposed to nest there, the golden oriole, but didn't see it, although G took his binoculars just in case. The whole area is left to nature - dead wood is not removed, the fields are not protected by embankments against floods, and the wildlife can develop there in peace:

Lots of mistletoe in the trees:

We walked along the river till we were opposite Zons, a little town from the middle ages that I wrote about last year:

The ferry:

And when we got back to the car park where we had started, we saw a restaurant, so it would have been bad not to go in and say hello....
We were even able to sit outside in the afternoon sunshine.
I had some delicious apple crumble with my cappuccino, and G had that delicious cheese cake and coffee:

All in all a wonderful day!

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Hi Valerie wow what a clever made tag ,it's amazing well done my friend and yummy Chinese food my favourite and thankyou for sharing your wonderful pics my friend xx

  2. Hi Val, what a great post again. Love your tag, those clingy fingers look real. I love the look of your meal and the cake, too. That's a pretty place where you walked, I've never been there. The kids are all on holiday just now, no peace for the wicked. Hugs, Sarah

  3. Great tag. I love how the manicured hand looks like it's holding the tag. Ooh, all the food choices look so good. You have a such a beautiful area to take walks. I loved all the shapes of the deadwood trees. They look like things from Lord of the Rings. The cakes look scrumptious and it must have been so nice to sit outside after all the cold and stormy weather. Happy T Day

  4. What a fabulous tag, that's such a clever designed with the hand 😁. You chose a wonderful place to walk and be at one with nature, and you captured some lovely photos too! Your Chinese meal look delicious and those afternoon cakes look so yummy - sending you Happy T Day wishes! J 😊 x

  5. Hello dear Valerie!
    Such a gorgeous tag !Love the idea of the manicured nails!
    I’m so happy you enjoyed your weekend and the weather was great!
    Wonderful pictures of the Chinese food,and from your walk at the park!
    Beautiful scenery and landscapes! The desserts look so yummy!!!
    Wishing you a lovely day and a happy week!Hugs!

  6. Your tag is amazing and you did a fantastic job with those fingers. The food from the restaurant looks so good and so does the desert and cappuccino. The nature walk photos are great. I love the first fallen tree truck that looks like an arch to a hobbit dwelling ♥
    Happy T DAY !

  7. Your tag is beautiful, fabulous new theme! The Chinese food looks so good. Great that they have that protected area for the environment.

  8. Wow! That tag is crazy cool. The macaw got my attention, but that hand with the nail polish is brilliant. At first I thought you took the photo of you holding it. LOVE THIS.

    Thanks for showing all that gorgeous food. I think it is time to go make supper. :)

    hugs & smiles,

  9. An amazing tag Valerie and I too did a double take as I thought you were holding it! So very clever and creative.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your Chinese and had a lovely time walikng. Great photos too.
    Have a great week.
    Fliss xx

  10. Oops! That should read walking!

  11. Its a gorgeous tag Valerie and you had me thinking you had been to a Nail Parlour as well.
    It looks like a super area for a walk, lovely scenes and views, I loved the photos of the trees , amazing shapes you wonder how some still grow and thrive.
    The Chinese meal looks delicious and it was good that you could find some space after your walk for that yummy looking slice of cake.
    Happy T day wishes Valerie.
    Yvonne xx

  12. An amazing tag Valerie and so inventive

    The walk looks so beautiful as does all the food you ate. I put on a few pounds just reading the post

    I have never seen mistletoe growing before. More wonders you shared-thank you

    Love Chrissie xx

  13. Hi Valerie,I am so happy you had some wonderful warm weather-that always lifts the spirit. we back to cold windy and rain this week.
    Your tag is very cool-that sounds like a fun topic for everyone too-love those nails!
    What a beautiful spot to enjoy nature. I love the baltimore orioles but here where I live not they just pass through in the spring. If lucky I might get to see one-which reminds me I should get some oranges out there for them to find.
    The food looks so delicious too especially that cheesecake
    Happy T Day Kathy

  14. das Tag ist der wahnsinn!!! Wunderschön mit der Hand und den Perlen dazu.. deine Idee ist faszinierend mal wieder!
    Dein Besuch im Chinese Restaurant war Lecker ich mag so was auch und der Kuchen genauso... ach hast du ein Frühlingswetter bei dir und wunderschöne Fotos vom Rhein und der wilden Gegend!
    Ich wünsche dir ein schöne Osterwoche und Osterfest!
    Ich mache eine Blogpause!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  15. What a wonderful day you had.
    Great company, great food and coffee! And those photographs are amazing.
    I do hope Spring may finally be here.

    Your tag looks brilliant.

    Enjoy your week.

    All the best Jan

  16. oh what a fun and cleverly creative tag Valerie-love it! We all like to make each other hungry for T day don't we? :):) Nothing like a nice day to enjoy the peace and quiet in nature. Let's hope it truly is Spring and the snow is gone for a LONG time!

  17. Nice tag today Valerie! It is always fun to bling it up a bit, especially when you have some sunshine and it makes you so happy. Boy that Chinese food looks good! I have been craving it for a few weeks now. Now I want to have it even more.:) And I love seeing your day out. It looks like a beautiful day to walk and then have a little afternoon treat too. I think that sounds like the perfect afternoon. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  18. your tag is so cool! i honestly thought you'd [pictured yourself holding it for a minute -- then realized it was part of the art! xo

    1. If I ever have nails that look that good I'll take a photo!

  19. What a fabulous magazine find Valerie and so creative to use it in this way with their tight grip on the beauty of nature.
    Your Chinese meals look delicious so glad you enjoyed and your photographs smile with their touch of sunshine within them. Great find of the cafe at the end of the day.
    Creative wishes Tracey xx

  20. A fabulous tag and a great idea to use the hand from the magazine, at first I thought it was your hand, beautiful photos of your walk and all the food looks scrumptious. Have a good day.
    xxx Hazel.

  21. I love looking at all your photos such a peaceful place and funny blingy tag

  22. We've had clouds and overcast skies, so your sunny photos are encouraging :) The nature area looks like a wonderful place for a walk. Your food looks delicious! I haven't had Chinese food or cheesecake in too long. Happy T Tuesday

  23. Valerie i'am just in awe of that beautifully clever tag..Wow! That worked exceptionally well!! So much goodness in this post i hardly know where to begin or what to comment on... Isn't it wonderful when the sun feels good on your head and back.. ? I used to enjoy it especially when i lived in TX because it wouldn't be long and summer would arrive and the sun would feel like it was trying to bake your brain.. lol I have a special place for Chinese Buffets.. we go to one here in town ..waaay too I just love their little cakes... The nature photos are extraordinary... Those trees with their roots out of the ground and still standing are amazing... I would have a difficult time choosing between your Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  24. I forgot to mention the mistletoe!!! We had LOTS of mistletoe in TX... We used to have a laugh and call it 'Kissing under the Fungus' :) deb

  25. That was one incredible blinged out tag. I adore it, and you did such a great job fussy cutting the nails. I thought it was a super tag.

    I really enjoyed your walk, although I am glad it was you and not me, since I'm still coughing a lot. It looked like a nice, quiet place to walk, too. I want some mistletoe, and probably would have climbed a tree to gather some, since it doesn't grow here (too cold).

    Now I am really, really hungry. How did you know I have been craving Chinese food? So tempting and makes me think I'll suggest Chinese buffet when my out of town company gets here soon. Of course the desserts looked tempting, too, especially G's!

    Thanks so much for sharing your awesome tag, your walk, and your buffet and drinks with us for T this Tuesday.

    1. Perhaps I should try to fussy cut my own nails!

  26. SUch a creative tag! I would never think to cut out a hand but it looks very nice against your brightly colored tag.
    You walk looks lovely and I especially enjoyed seeing some of those beautiful trees that have been uprooted.
    The desserts look so yummy. The perfect finish to a beautiful walk.
    Happy Tea Day,

  27. Hi Valerie- trying to get myself back into blogging after such long absences!!
    Fabulous tag and just love your pictures you have shown.
    Hope all is well with you
    x catherine

  28. How lovely and creative your piece is! I don't know that I've seen mistletoe growing before, I enjoy your photos very much!

  29. Omgosh Valerie! I have to comment on that crumble first because it is the last thing I saw here and now it has me drooling all over! heehee It looks delicious-was it??
    Oh how fun your tag is! So clever with those fingernails wrapping around it!I just love how your creative mind works!

    This weather is for the birds! We had three days as well with sunshine and now it is grey, rainy and the temps are going to drop again in time for snow on Easter Sunday! poo!

    thank you for sharing these wonderful photos- I love seeing your world!
    sending huge hugs my friend
    Jackie xo

  30. Lovely tag! A little bling is always a good thing. Also love all of your beautiful photos. Happy T day!

  31. The nails/fingers and the way you positioned them are very clever, Valerie. No matter ho many times I look way and then back, I'd swear it was a photo of you holding the card up - lol. Love the bright colors of nails and parrot.

    I never knew how mistletoe grows. That was a surprise to me! What a lovely walk you had. It was very thoughtul of you to "go in and say hello." Yummy looking cakes!

    I was VERY late to T this week and am glad to see you're still at the party - lol.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  32. All of your food looks so good. I think the cappuccino and cake looks scrumptious! Perfect way to end a day walking around and taking in the sights. :)

    Great tag.

  33. I love your beautiful, bright tag Valerie! Great photos too!
    Alison xx

  34. Wow! What a fabulous tag Valerie! How I would love nails like that! I do love Chinese food and the food you have from the buffet looks delicious! The walk in the conservation area looks interesting - I am guessing that the fallen trees are left to decay naturally! Dunham where we visited has a commitment to doing that and if the fall across paths they are just moved to the side! I think you certainly earned your cakes! Belated Happy T day Chrisx

  35. I love seeing the mistletoe in trees -- I'd never seen that in America, just in France. I wonder if it's a European thing or if I hang out in the wrong places. It looks like a terrific walk and well deserved tea!

  36. I should not have read this post because I am sooo hungry right now... that food looks amazing!! Love it all!! Your photos take us on a great adventure! I love to see what fun you are having!! Your happy tag is wonderful too!

    Peace Giggles

  37. Your tag is so beautiful and so much fun! I love the hand! Yummy food at the Chinese restaurant! Gorgeous photos! Love those cool trees! You made me laugh at eating at another restaurant! LOL! The treats looked so good! Big Hugs!

  38. I was first fooled by those sparkling finger nails too - I thought you had really got into the theme this time ! Great tag and such an enjoyable post - thank you Valerie.


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