Saturday, 13 May 2017

Mother' Day

Hi Everybody!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, so I'm wishing a
great day to all you Mums out there! Hope you will be
suitably celebrated by your families.

I have a mixed media piece showing a photo of my
Mum with my sister Ruth, taken in 1939.
I still have the brooch my Mum is wearing.
For this piece I cased a similar one made a couple
of years back and given to my sister. The corrugated cardboard
has been peeled, painted and inked. Some parts were embossed
and others embellished with gold leaf- I am linking to

This was the very first card I made back in 1951 at the
tender age of 4 1/2:

I drew this face a couple of weeks back using pastel chalks
and added the flowers with a stencil:

Then I did some digital additions (Serif, Mischief Circus):

I am linking to Gill's challenge of elegance and grunge at

Some more photos from my walks:

These steampunky objects are at the tram stop:

 Have a great weekend, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Its a beautiful mixed media project Valerie and a lovely family photo. You are lucky to have the card you gave to your mum all those years ago. Sadly mine never did keep any cards. The page with the face drawing you did is wonderful, she looks so serene.
    Lovely photps, I used to love blowing dandelion clocks.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Lots of wonderful goodies again today. The photo of our Mum with Ruth is great, and I love how you have turned it into such a pretty piece. I love the face in both variations, and 'perishable' made me laugh! Wonderful photos, too. I can't get my kids away from those fairy clocks! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Wow what a great post Valerie.. so many wonderful things to see.
    Firstly I love your tag and your beautiful and happy photo of your mum and sister.
    Aww you were an early crafter with that lovely card you made - nice to keep these things isn't it :)
    And another WOW! I love your AJJ piece - thank you. Stunning artwork - love the added stencilling and digital elements, she is really gorgeous!
    And more great photos - I adore the steampunky ones of course and love your latest blog header.
    Hope your week went well and you have a nice relaxing weekend.
    Gill xx

  4. A great tag of your family - so beautiful made and so nice to see your kindergarden art again - great to have it still - you obviously always were a great artist. A beautiful face for Gill's lovely theme and just wonderful impressions from your walks! Happy Mother's Day to you too!
    oxo Susi

  5. Wow- you look so much like your mother. I can see the artist was in you even back then-how fantastic to have that card still to this day. Those are special. Wonderful art today, and wow-your greenery is so much further along than ours. Its really summer in your world, at least green-wise. Have a fabulous weekend. Hugs-Erika

  6. You were already an artist at 4 1/2, adorable card! The face you drew is so beautiful! Your mixed media piece is a lovely memory. Thanks for today's photos.

  7. Love the art!!! The old and the new art ♥ Beautiful photos today too. I love the ones of the dandelions. When the grandkids were little I use to pick those and put them in a jar with a fancy ribbon. Then when they were have a bad day, and illness or something I would give them a "LITTLE JAR OF BIG WISHES" They could pull one out, make a wish and then blow on the dandelion. Scattering their wishes to the winds so the fairies could find them and make them come true. ♥

  8. Beautiful art pieces, Valerie. You have some treasures of memories there - one you made now and one made in the past.

  9. gorgeous art as usual Valerie!! And - wow- I can't believe you still have a card you made at such a young age. You really take us on the best walks:) Happy Mother's Day to you!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous artwork Valerie and I'm viewing all those lovely pics in full technicolour with no glasses! Everything is so bright now I need sunglasses!
    Thanks for your kind comments which I really appreciate.
    Fliss xx

  11. Your art definitely has so much elegance. What a sweet card from when you were little. I enjoyed the steampunk ish elements...

  12. I love the face you drew! What a wonderful picture of your mom and sister. My mom's name was Ruth.
    And what a sweet Mother's Day card.

  13. ach so wunderschön dein Posting heute, die Karte ist bezaubernd und die Erinnerung von früher gemacht mit dem Gesicht allerliebst und ich wünsche dir alles gute zum Muttertag und einen schönen Sonntag!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  14. A really beautiful post Valerie and a wonderful header made from your wisteria photograph. We have a very young plant that just has leaves this time but I am hopeful it will flower next year.

    Beautiful mother's day tag though our Mother's day was earlier in the year.

    A very beautiful and serene face in a wonderful setting, A nice picture to frame and look at while meditating I think.

    All the photographs are fantastic and the azaelia is well ahead of ours for sure. We have real rain today so maybe our stuff will catch up

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  15. Beautyful Mother's day creation, such a precious photo, and wow, how amazing you still have the very first card you made... Fabulous face too and lovely photos!

  16. A beautiful Mother's Day piece and a fabulous page, the face is lovely, it's great that you have the very first card that you made, my mum never kept anything it was my dad who kept stuff and I have a little letter that he sent to his grandma when he was about 5, that was in 1927. Have a lovely day.
    xxx Hazel.

  17. Oh, I just love this post.
    How fantastic to keep the very first card, and your photograph is so special.

    Talking of photographs ... I enjoyed seeing all here, especially the one which you've used in your banner.

    ... I still enjoy blowing dandelion clocks too!

    All the best Jan

  18. Stunning post and my mother's day is almost over in 15 minutes, had a great one too.xx ♥[aNNie]

  19. A super special post honouring your gorgeous mom and sister. Also love your new blog header.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  20. Lovely piece with your Mom and sister, Valerie! I can't believe you have a card you made at such a young age! Fabulous :)

  21. A lovely piece with the beautiful picture of your Mum and sister and how talented even at 4 1/2 making that lovely card. Love the face drawing, such a peaceful expression.
    Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures of your walk too.
    Avril xx

  22. You come from a beautiful family. That's why you are so lovely, too. This is a gorgeous Mother's Day piece. Of course, I also like the beauty of the elegant face for Gill's AJJ choice, too.

    I am in awe of the new blog banner and adore the photo since I now know it's wisteria.

    The steampunk gears are rusty, so I took a long hard look at them. They are fabulous, and they made me quite happy. Have a great rest of the day, dear.

  23. Hi Valerie, Thank you for the greeting for Mother's Day. I love seeing your beautiful mother and sister in your precious creation. The brooch is a true treasure.
    Your first design at 4 1/2 was just the beginning of great artwork to follow.
    Love the pretty face drawing and your embellishments. Of course I always enjoy seeing your walking pics. Love your new blog header too. So pretty!!
    Have a great week ahead. xo

  24. Hi Valerie, Thank you for the greeting for Mother's Day. I love seeing your beautiful mother and sister in your precious creation. The brooch is a true treasure.
    Your first design at 4 1/2 was just the beginning of great artwork to follow.
    Love the pretty face drawing and your embellishments. Of course I always enjoy seeing your walking pics. Love your new blog header too. So pretty!!
    Have a great week ahead. xo

  25. Hello Valerie, such a sweet memory filled creation of your Mother and Sister.
    How lovely to see your first card - a most precious item and so beautifully drawn and written so well for your age.
    Your lady's face is so serene... a gorgeous drawing.
    Beautiful walks once more, the trees and their leaves are so refreshing, and I love the steampunk items you pass too.
    Cheers for a really good week - lots of nice coffee, ice creams and good friends :D)

  26. Woo Hoo on your last boot camp week!

  27. Hello Valerie,
    Your new blog header is so pretty! I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day. It came a little earlier in England so my celebrations were a while ago. I so enjoy seeing the things you make each week and how lovely to have your mum’s brooch. I’ve got a few bits and pieces that once belonged to my mum. Her silk gloves are still wearable today although they must be seventy years old.
    Your photographs are beautiful.

  28. Valerie, you are so lucky to have such wonderful memorabilia from your childhood!!! You had quite the artistic talent even then!
    Love the photo of your mom and sister and the great background that you created for it!!! Your lady's face is so beautiful!
    Always stunning photos...amazing the talents that you possess!!!

    Great Big Hugs

  29. Wonderful artworks today Valerie, you have so many fabulous pictures and cards from your past, your mum and sister look so happy. Your ladies face is gorgeous, so restful and the sentiment is perfect! xx

  30. What a beautiful tag! A wonderful Mother's Day tribute! My Mum kept some things from my childhood too, just as I have things that my boys did! I love your face for AJJ - a very calming image! Your town is so pretty and I love the leafy shots! Hugs, Chrisx

  31. This post is so beautiful and touching! I love the art piece of your mom and sister!!! The face you drew is gorgeous!!! Beautiful photos!! Big Hugs!!

  32. I don't know where to begin here. I love the piece you did with your mom and sister. The texture, the images. Perfection. And having the card! How special is that -- your first art card, probably! Your lady's face is beautiful and oh! That wisteria! We don't grow it all that well here, and it's one of my favorites so I am swooning!

  33. Your tag is very sweet
    Thanks for sharing at Creative Artiste Mixed Media Challenges x

  34. What a beautiful post!
    Your art with your mum is absolutely wonderful and so very special! and the piece from when you were so young- I giggled when I saw the cup- as You love your coffee now-must have gotten that trait from Mom? So adorable!!
    sending love& hugs Valerie! Jackie


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