Sunday, 7 May 2017

Horses, flowers and ships

Hi Everybody!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

I made this crazy, A3 mixed media piece a few weeks back when  we had days
where it was always cold and grey - perhaps I needed a little
colour? I am linking to Gill's theme of 'grunge and elegance' at
Art Journal Journey.

I was pleased to see the horses are back on their meadow,
enjoying being together and eating  lots of juicy, fresh grass:

The Nile goose was sitting up in a tall tree watching the horses:

This very long ship was filled with tractors and trucks:

Racing by:

I still love blowing the 'fairy clocks' of the dandelions:

These tiny flowers were just opening by the Rhine:

These flowers were near the ice parlour where I had my coffee:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Lovely post. Love your fun and wild creation, gorgeous colours. Fantastic photos as always, and those yellow flower close-ups are superb. Have a nice day, get some rest!
    Hugs, Sarah

  2. A wonderful post Valerie with a great page make to brighten up a dull day--windy and very cold as well.

    Great to see the horses again and they always look so healthy and well kept.

    The things that are transported up and down your stretch of the river are amazing. I bet they get there quicker than on the crowded roads and at less cost as well. Wonderful sight to see.

    All the flowers are beautiful and the one at the end is an azalea I think. I have one that is supposed to be the same but it has never flowered yet and hasn't even got a bud on so far this year.

    Always fantastic to visit your blog and to see the wonders that you post for us to share

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. An amazing page - cool with the felting wool - super effect! Fantastic photos! Thank you for supporting AJJ and Gill so well ! That's so nice!
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. Love it, absolutely love it, the gorgeous page and wonderful pics.xx ♥[aNNie]

  5. Oh this is a brilliant piece for AJJ, thank you Valerie - fabulous hair - you are so creative - love it!
    Nice to see the horses again. Those boats must be very long with the amount of tractors and trucks on them - so many wonderful and different things you see on your walks.
    Hope you are having a lovely relaxing weekend and feeling better.
    Gill xx

    1. Those boats are actually 2 boats fixed together one behind the other and they are enormously long. I'm pleased they don't transport them by road, we have enough overfilled motorways here.

  6. Beautiful vibrant page! Your photos are stunning. Happy Sunday!

  7. Crazy, colorful and so much fun! I love it! And your horse photos are really handsome. Beautiful photos once again. I hope you're enjoying your weekend.

  8. ein tolles; interessantes Journal ich finds so schön ausgedacht von dir!
    Deine Fotos sind wunderschön von den Pferden oder Pflanzen und Schiffe!
    Ich wünsche dir noch einen schönen Sonntagabend!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  9. I always enjoy your pictures. That white horse looks quite sturdy!
    It seems like you like to do heads full of ideas. That's how I picture you - always full of ideas!
    Sandy xx

  10. Valerie, I totally love your grunge journal page with all of those wonderful colors, too!!!
    Every one of your photos are gorgeous!!! I especially loved the ones with the horses. We had horses at one time and even watched their babies be born. Then our daughter grew up and my husband and I worked we had to sell them.
    I also adore that lovely fuzzy dandelion!!!

    Big Hugs 💞💝💕

  11. Your photography is amazing! What a pleasure to scroll through them. Thank you so much for sharing.

  12. Marvelous bright roving hair, and I see the horses are back out in the pasture. xox

  13. I love that art piece that you did! It's really cool.

  14. What a wonderful and thoughtful piece of art! I love the horses and your flower pictures are so lovely too...

  15. Hey diese Seite ist total lustig. Dein bunter Irokese gefällt mir enorm gut, genau wie deine schönen Tier und Blumenfotos. Das Innenleben des Kopfes finde ich auch richtig klasse gestaltet. Wieder Alles wunderschön.
    Liebe Grüße

  16. Your post for sure would brighten any dull days. Its a great page and there is so much to see on it, great bright fibers for the hair. I loved the photos especially the horses and those who were still wearing a blanket to keep them warm.
    Yvonne xx

  17. Love the bright hair!!!! I should have tried that with my hair during the 2 week monsoons that had us all climbing the walls with boredom :) Your photos are wonderful and I love seeing the horses again. ♥

    1. Im hair wasn't so thin and straggly I would love a hairtsyle/colour like this!

  18. Oh! I love everything about this piece! So creative and cool! And the horses and flowers are just stunning, xoxo

  19. Looks as if you had great fun with your stamps on this piece, a great way to spend some cold and rainy afternoons. Lovely photos, specially love the flower close ups!

  20. An excellent piece of art done to perfection. The eye of the artist is something to behold. The beauty of your photography also captures the form and composure of the subjects you frame. Love your work.

    Love, Hugs and Blessings,

  21. I'm back and trying to catch up. I wanted you to know I apologize for being gone last week with no word.

    I adore the artistic AJJ entry. The hair made me smile. It looks like a great way to brighten up a cold and grey day.

    LOVE the horses. The coats are so sleek and shiny on the brown ones. and of course, I always like when you take us down to the water.

  22. Oh my gosh - SO many wonderful things here! Your journal page is absolutely brilliant!! How nice to see those beautiful horses and the guarding duck:) That boat with all those tractors is just amazing-wow. And your flower photos-stunning!!

  23. Ooh this is gorgeous, I love the butterfly and his punk hair do! Those horses look really happy to be back in the field xx

  24. I love your AJJ page - love the hair and the quote that fits so well! Good to see the horses enjoying the fresh grass too! I love the boat carrying the tractors and trucks - imagine that lot on transporters on the roads! Must confess I still love blowing dandelion clocks too (and My GD's bubbles that she left behind at the caravan and tells me she doesn't want anymore!) Love seeing yellow flowers…ha! ha! considering the number of dandelions clocks we blow that's just as well! Hugs, Chrisx

  25. What a fantastic post!
    What a simply gorgeous selection of photographs!
    What a lovely weekend you had, and the weather looks nice and sunny too!

    I don't think we ever grow out of wanting to blow the 'fairy clocks' of the dandelions.

    All the best Jan

  26. I love your mixed media piece! It is so funky and cool!! Amazing pictures!! Big Hugs!!

  27. What a marvelous post, from your colorful piece to your colorful photos- makes me think of summer over and over!
    Hugs xx


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