Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tag Tuesday and Happy Mail

Hi Everybody!

The lovely weather has disappeared for a few days, so we're back to cold, wet and windy! Variety is the spice of life!

At Tag Tuesday our new theme is 'Poetry'.

I was busy preparing lots of other projects today, so time was a bit short for my tag. I used a piece of hand-painted paper, which was stamped with crackle and swirl stamps while wet. I make BG papers as much as I can with leftover paints, so there is always something handy when I need it. At least if I manage to find it!

I wrote my poetry onto it with my white pen, and mounted it onto black scrap card, and added a little tassel as embellishment - finished!

Here you can see the patterning in the background.

A couple of weeks back Debbie had a birthday giveaway, and I received this beautiful card and one of her coloured art-card sketches, so beautiful. And it is especially dear to me as it as a duck.... Thanks a lot Debbie, it will hang in my arty kitchen.

Yesterday I was pleased to see that the statue of St Swidbert has evidently been cleaned, or freshly painted, as he was gleaming in the sun:

I took this photo from a bench on one of the fortification-walls where I often sit, looking across the meadows to the Rhine, and shaded by the beautiful trees when it is hot:

The hay is almost all gone:

And I enjoy taking photos of the fungi, although all the squatting to get a good pic is not always good for my knees.

These ink-caps are evidently edible before they start to discolour, but I don't think I want to try them.

The Kittlebach, the stream that flows near our house and ends in the Rhine:

Have a great day you all, take care,
ad thanks a lot for coming by! 


  1. Das ist ja ein toller Hintergrund- da braucht es nicht mehr, sonst wäre erst ja nicht mehr zu sehen. Deine Fotos sind wieder so schön - hier ist es auch kalt und gegnerische Bastelwetter :-)
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag- liebe Grüße, Dagmar.

  2. Das ist ein schoenes Tag - die Farben sind einfach klasse!
    Hm, mit Pilzen kenne ich mich gar nicht aus - aber du hast da ein paar Prachtexemplare vor die Linse bekommen!

  3. I love your poem tag and the toadstool photos are amazing

  4. Wunderschöner Anhänger ... schlicht und elegant! Manchmal ist weniger mehr!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  5. Might be simple, but it's very effective! Great photos too!

  6. Love your simple tag, it makes the words very effective. Gorgeous photos, too. Love how you capture the fungi - no wonder your knees are sore! Have a lovely day, hugs, Sarah

  7. Wonderful tag Valerie--your poetry is amazing and the writing so well done--wish I could read mine when I print things out. Love the background and pleased you showed a close up.

    What a lovely picture to have won and a happy card as well.

    Love the photographs with all of nature's bounty and wonders. The statue looks wonderful now it has been 'done up'. Thank for sharing your photographs I always enjoy seeing them

    Love Chrissie x

  8. Fabulous creation, wonderful colours and super awesome all over. lOVE my daily journey in your world.x
    The Journey is the Start

  9. Ein super schönes tiefschichtich gearbeitetes Tag . was für ein tolles Gedicht!
    Hihi.. jetzt versteh ich woher Deinen schönen Fotos rühren.. Du gibst quasi ganzen Körpereinsatz dafür...lol!
    zauberhafte Impressionen und er stahlt richtig mit seinem neuen Outfit dieser Heilige ...da haben sie den Engländer (hab grad gegoogelt nach ihm) ganz schön aufgeputzt!
    Eienn wudnerschönen Tag Valerie!

    1. Ja, er kam auch aus England, aber ich versuche die Eingeborenen nicht zu bekehren!

  10. Glad the duck arrived safely and you are enjoying!

    The fungi there are truly amazing! We have sun this morning, but the clouds and rain will start this afternoon and last the next few days.

  11. The weather is wild here today too Valerie, although I quite like the wind. A lovely poem and such a sweet card from Debbie and those fungi are very exotic looking! xx

  12. Love the poem you used on your tag, and the white text looks so striking on the rich red background! Lovely card you got, how wonderful to get things in the mail!! My favourite photo today is that mushroom that looks like an upside down mop! Hilarious and wondrous! hugs :)

    1. Perhaps the fairies use them for mops!

  13. beautiful poem and tag! Magnificent mushrooms too.

  14. Hi Valerie, Your poetry tag is wonderful. Your talents are over the moon my friend. Great background design. Love the card you received and the beautiful duck art piece. The freshly painted statue is stunning. Great walking pics again. Stay cozy in the changing weather!

  15. Fantastic poem on your tag, Valerie. You continue to produce terrific results even in short time. I love the photos of the horses and a couple of them have blankets on getting ready for the stormy weather. The fungi are amazing and the tall one appears to have a lace covering. Thanks for taking these photos to share with us. Stay dry and warm.

  16. smashing bookmark and love the words. congratulations on your wins Valerie and thank you for sharing your amazing photos. Annette x


  17. A wonderful poem, its looks great on the tag. The mushroom photos are fabulous, you should be entering photographic competitions with them.
    Yvonne xx

  18. You see the most beautiful fungi on yourcwalks!
    Sandy xx

  19. Love how striking the writing looks on rhe red mirri. ~ Diane


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