Monday, 5 May 2014

Tag Tuesday and a Friendly Monster

Hi everybody!

Hope you are all enjoying sunshine as we are here. We had another cold and frosty night, and a cool start, but sunshine all day, and that's the way I like it.

Our theme at Tag Tuesday this week is 'dolls' - yikes. I only had one doll when I was 5, and took it apart as I didn't like it, so never got another one. At school we often used to make these little paper dolls, so I made a pair of them today. I cut them from scrap paper, and made them each a pinafore from other scraps. Just a very simple tag today.

  At So Artful the theme this time is 'friendly monsters', whatever that may be!
I decided to make some tigers into friendly monsters, as a tiger  limerick was swimming around in my head. I think it is rather unfair to call tigers 'monsters', as they are beautiful creatures, and probably not really friendly. But here they have eaten the silly lady and are smiling, happy and contented; have used her lipstick to doll themselves up, and so they do look friendly. But the lady, if she could give her opinion, would probably say they were monsters....

This little beetle (Alexander?) crossed my path this morning:

I enjoyed my walks, especially the wild flowers blooming everywhere; here is just a small selection:

Have a great day, take care, and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. I wasn't a child who favoured dolls either, always favoured a special teddy bear which is still a treasure of mine.
    Your dolls are whimsical and I like the Scrabble tiles and also your Friendly Monsters, they are great fun and so imaginative.

  2. I do like your your doll-tag, and its playful and childlike atmosphere, although I didn't much like dolls either. Your tiger-monsters are fun, love how they are licking their lips. I remember learning the limerick in school! Great photos, too. Hugs, Sarah

  3. Ha, ha, love your glammed up tigers and don't think I've heard that Limerick before. I have 3 brothers and preferred lego and action man to 'dollies'! Xx

  4. Gorgeous doll tag, such fun & your card is amazing...Love the scrabble tiles... Hugs May x x


  6. Deine beiden Werke sind total klasse, ich kann mich gar nicht entscheiden, welches mir nun besser gefällt. Bei uns hat es letzte Nacht auch gefroren und es war tagsüber herrlich sonnig. Leider soll es morgen unbeständiger werden.

  7. I'm almost speechless at your friendly monsters, but not quite. It is fabulous the way one is carrying her pretty bag and the other is wearing her hat, poor lady, and they have red smiles as if to say how friendly they are. I also like your explanation of why they are friendly monsters. Very clever, Valerie.
    I like your sweet dollies, the whole tag is ingenious and very nicely made with the frocks, the flowers and the letters.

  8. Oh have been busy in the craftroom. Love your paper dolls and tag. I'm still smiling at the "monster" card. Love how you glammed up the tigers. The sentiment is perfectly fitting. Two great makes!

  9. Haha,deine tigerkarte ist echt der knaller,das Dolls tag ist auch fantastisch,da hast du wieder wirklich klasse gewerkelt.
    und der Käfer heißt Alexander ??Hast Du ihn gefragt??tolle Bilder wieder,eins schöner als das andre.
    ich mach mir jetzt mal einen cafe,kann nicht schlafen.
    hab einen schönen tag :-)

    GLG Jeannette

    1. Melanie hat in der 70er Jahre ein Lied gesungen namens 'Alexander Beetle', mann kann es bestimmt auf Youtube hören!

  10. Valerie, Dein Tigerpäärchen macht mich fröhlich, wenn auch der Anlass kein lustiger ist, arme Dame aus Riga ;) ach ja und falls die übriggebliebenen Schuhe der Verblichenen niemand haben will, ich würde mich zur Verfügung stellen ;) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  11. This is all so much fun! Your friendly mobster is wonderful, I love the scrabble word on the tag. Thanks for being soartful with us, you do it so well!

  12. So artful indeed! Your friendly monster is a gorgeous fantasy illustration. Love all of it.
    The tag is adorable and fun.
    Have a happy day, Valerie!

  13. Love the doll tag--clever you managing to cut out the shapes together.

    The tiger ditty is a bit scary but the artwork is brilliant-well except for the red mouths lol. You have such an imagination :)

    Love the photographs today. My fave subject is wild flowers though why they are called wild I will never know :)Love the beetle as well-great photograph of it.

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie x

  14. What a great post Valerie. It certainly brought a few smiles to my face. I love the kite like doll tag and of course the fabulous rhymex. The tigers are gorgeous. I never tire of seeing the beautiful pictures you show when on your walks. Have a Lovely Day. The sun is shining here in Scotland too. Hugs Rita xxxx

  15. Love the doll tag, we used to cut out doll strips and make them dance, till they went to shreds. The tigers are just fabulous, I have had a good smile at this project and the story you have to go with it.
    Yvonne x

  16. Great tag for a sister or girlfriend, Valerie. Your 'monster' card is exceptional; what talent you have.
    Always enjoy your photos.


  17. I only had one doll too because I cut off all her hair and my mother wouldn't get me another....too funny. And you took yours apart. LOL Cute tiger piece and poem. xox

  18. Hi Valerie, How darling is this??!! Love your doll tag. So funny you took your doll apart. Maybe even then you had a gift of seeing how things go together. Great tiger creation and the little poem is so cute!! Lovely walking pics one again. The little beetle is a great pic!
    Have a great day!

  19. I like your doll tag, looks like you have more fun playing with them now, lol. Love the tigers and the poem fabulous, really made me smile! Have a great day, big hugs ~Diane

  20. sensationell schöne neue Werke liebe Valerie...und super Fotos! Danke!!

  21. Doll tag cute - tiger make DANGfangTASTIC!! I really do love your sense of humor. Will be back in touch.
    Sandy xx

  22. I am happy you liked my makes. Danfgangtastic is a new word for me!!

  23. The doll tag is adorable, but how sad you never got another doll to rearrange! I was not a doll kind of kid, so never really had any! Those tigers look amazing all dressed up for a walk on the town! Lovely walk again and especially that beautiful white flower! Hugs!

  24. So even as a child you were creative! Taking the doll apart was probably the start of assemblage! I love Tigers- they are beautiful and majestic, but I would not want them wearing my lipstick either, LOL!

  25. Beide Karten sind wunderschön! Aber diese Tigerkarte ist einfach genial ... sehr phantasievoll mit einer Prise schwarzem Humor!
    LG, LonettA


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