Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tag Tuesday

Hi everybody!

Another week has flown by and it's time for a new edition of Tag Tuesday. Our theme this week is
'The fantastic and strange'. My first thought was yikes, what do I do for this? My
second thought was much the same!
In the end I remembered a picture in one of my strange books. It's called 'The infinitely great and the infinitely little and was published in 1885. There are a lot of engravings of all sorts of things, animals and places that were surely weird and wonderful to the people reading it back then.

My fave illustration when I was a little girl was this one, and especially the caption under it, which reads, 
'Gnomes of the German Legends laying bare the skeleton of an ichthyosaurus'
I was most astonished that a book which was supposed to be scientific, was talking about German gnomes! I have seen a lot here, but mostly in people's front gardens....

Anyway, to cut a long story short,  I used the picture to make my tag. 
The clean shoes are to change into so as not to take too much dirt home to their house, where I presume they were living with  Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, who kept house for them. And they probably found the skull during the excavations....

This wonderful tree is standing in the garden of the Florence-Nightingale Hospital

The rape seed is already flowering along the Rhine:

And I was once again fascinated by the wonderful clouds this afternoon

And last but not least, I have managed to open my Etsy shop. I started it in 2011, and have just got round to putting in some stock, so I would be happy if you would take a look, and even happier if someone would buy something! Bit by bit I shall be adding more items.

Have a good day, take care, and thanks a lot for coming by.


  1. Beautiful Tag, and wow a book published in 1885! Gorgeous tree that is.

  2. that is an amazing story, I think your tag is beautiful, I enjoyed it so much and your photos, oh my gosh, stunning!

  3. Wunderschönes tag,und eine herrliche zwergenkarte,gefällt mir seehr gut.
    der kirschbaum auf dem bild ist wunderschöön.
    hab einen schönen tag.

    GLG Jeannette

  4. Your tag is beautiful - and I also love the sky-picture :)

  5. Was für ein schöner Kirschbaum und das tag ist so schn Valerie!
    Auch Dein post von gerstern ist ein Hit! super!

    ( Besuchgestresst)

  6. Gorgeous tag, wonderful photos and love that book - great post! Hugs, Sarah

  7. Wunderbarer Tag und extravagante ZwergenKarte! Und so schöne Foto ... die Farben des Frühlings!
    GLG, LonettA

  8. That looks a marvellous book, and clearly precious to have stayed with you over all the moves you have made. Lovely amusing tag, and your photos wonderful as always. What a glorious tree. But oh no, the rape seed blossom coming out. The fields all around us will be bright with them soon and they get my asthma going so badly! I'll pop to look at your Etsy later today. Enjoyable post, good start to the day.

  9. Terrific tag and wonderful story about the why you made it.

    The photographs are beautiful as always but the cloud ones have so much atmosphere.

    Love Chrissie x

  10. A great interpretation of the challenge Valerie, cleverly put together. Love that photo of the dramatic sky xx

  11. A fun tag Valerie and well done to make something fun out of a challenging theme! Stunning photos like always, those clouds look so dramatic!

  12. What a fabulous looking book Valerie and I love the pic you've used for your tag. Beautiful photos too, love the sky one. Xx

  13. Great post Valerie. What a marvellous book with that strange and wonderful illustration and how interesting that you liked the picture when you were a little girl. I like your little gnomes and only you would have little gnome shoes and a skull hanging about on your table.

    1. You mean there are people who don't have gnome shoes and little skulls on their dining tables? Tut tut!

  14. Gorgeous tag and I love the pictures! So glad you have opened your Etsy shop again! I have already Pinned some lovely items to my favorites! ~Diane

  15. Hi Valerie, what a gorgeous tag for Tag Tuesday. Always wonderful walking pics and those skies are stunning. Congrats on your opening of your etsy shop. I am headed there now.
    Best wishes always.

  16. Love your fun tag and that is such a wonderful book, great photos as always Valerie, Annette x


  17. Your works and pictures always make for a good day! Nice choice of subject for the Fantastic and Strange theme. Love the gnomes paleontologists! :)

  18. Do you think that the Rhine attracts such wonderful clouds? I always love your clouds Valerie.
    The gnomes live so far beneath the earth - always working and searching for more. I would like to think that they are here in our woods searching for gold. Of course when they find it they will tell me! What a very precious book you have there Valerie. It always amazes me that you are able to keep so much from the past. My mother always got rid of everything - so nothing to pass on. Such a shame. The skull addition is wonderful and perhaps found in a cave in France. Such magical pages from a well loved book. Bravo!!

    1. I had to hide my stuff under the mattress, under the floorboards or wherever, my Mum also liked throwing 'junk' away.

  19. A great tag and super interpretation of the theme. Loved the story, its good having special books to hand, to evoke memories. Good luck with the Etsy shop.
    Yvonne xx

  20. The book cover is gorgeous..as well as the tag you created using one of the illustrations! Thank you for sharing your photos--the tree is gorgeous, and the clouds are so beautiful, they almost don't look real.

    Congrats on opening your Etsy store! I am so happy for you and will definitely be taking a look!

  21. Oh so clever! You always meet the challenges one way or another. Now to visit your etsy shop.



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