Friday, 28 June 2013

Paper Saturday, Happy Mail and a Challenge

Hi everybody! It's been a cold and wet week here, but the weather men have promised us that we will have some summer next week. I wonder....

I was lucky to get happy mail twice this week. The first mail came from my good friend Diane in Michigan, who sent me a packet full of lovely papers and images she  printed out for me, as my printer is not behaving itself at all. Of course, I could hardly wait to get my fingers on the papers and start making something with them! Aren't they gorgeous?

This lovely card from Diane came too. Thanks a lot Diane, it is so good to have friends who help! 

The ladies over at Out of a Hat Creations have chosen  'Inspired by a song with a flower in the title' as their theme.  After doing some research in internet, I cam across a song from 1939 called 'Lilacs in the rain', written to an Irish folk-melody. You can hear Bing Crosby singing it here.

I made a Double Z-fold card, and used the lovely papers from Diane. I didn't have any lilacs in my stash, so I sorted out all the mini-lilac coloured flowers I had, and put them together to look like lilacs and glued them on, using seed beads for the centres. I added a butterfly on one side, and that was that.

I am linking to Manon's Paper Saturdays

The second happy mail that arrived this week was from Alex , who sent me a beautiful painting which she made. It  now has pride of place in my arty kitchen where I sit and create, on the wall opposite my place. I love the soft shades and speckled background. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks Alex, I will treasure it, and let it inspire me!

Once again I have to say what a caring and generous community bloggers are!
Have a great weekend you all, take care, and thanks a lot for dropping in!


  1. Wow! what a great package of goodies to receive. Love the double z-fold card, that's really clever.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. A beautiful floral card Valerie and great shape. Lovely happy mail too, lucky you.
    Have a great weekend too and hope sunshine reappears soon.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  3. Gorgeous card, My mum used to love Bing Crosby! Love your happy mail presents, too - enjoy! Hugs, sarah

  4. Fabulous folding card, its a realy clever style. Enjoy your Happy Mail, it looks great.
    Happy weekend, Yvonne x

  5. Love the folding card with the cute lilacs. The butterfly is a beautiful addition. Lovely Happy mail, indeed a wonderful community of bloggers!

  6. Lovely card and beautiful gifts Valerie!

  7. Lucky you Valerie.... lovely card.

    Hope you get 'a bit of summer' next week :)

    Karen x

  8. Lovely happy mail Valerie and well deserved :)

    I had never heard the song before and I tend to think I know every old song going lol. Thank you for the link.

    Now to the card you made which is amazing and so full of summer goodness it had me smiling from ear to ear.Just right for the challenge at the Hatters this week and always great to have you join in with us

    Have lovely weekend

    Chrissie xx

  9. Lovely card Valerie! And lucky you for receiving so many gifts. Saying hi from paper saturdays,


  10. Your card has a very romantic feel, my friend. Blessings!

  11. Lovely, sweet and rich in colours works. It is fantastic that your friend sent you a painting. Brilliant and sweet gift. Thank you for sharing with us and I hope that summer days are back already.

  12. Happy Paper Saturdays. I have some of those little flowers in my art drawers so may finally have the courage to use them. It looks great on that little card!

  13. Erstens hast DU Hammerschöne Post bekommen! WOW! Und zweitesns hast Du eine wunderbarer Karte gemacht.. das sieht traumhaft aus!

    Liebe Valerie --ich wünsche Dir gutes Wetter und gutes Karma...

    und gutes KUNSTSCHAFFEN!

    für das Wochenende!
    knuddle Dich nochmal für die phänomenal schöne Post, die mich überglücklcih gemacht hat!

  14. What beautiful papers Diane sent you! You will be putting those to good use I know. And the painting - how lovely - a treasure just for you. Love the card to made - the double fold is lovely with the flowers. Hugs, Donna

  15. A gorgeous bundle of images from Dianne, some of which I recognise and look at that beautiful card you created.
    Then the wonderful painting from your friend Alex.
    I am sure all of this brightened your week.

  16. what delightful favors to receive in the mail! your excitement about it is catching:-)

  17. Your card is stunning Valerie, love that fancy fold, you put the papers to very good use so glad you are enjoying them! The painting from Alex is gorgeous, you are very lucky to have such a nice gift. ~Diane

  18. A post filled with so much beauty; both gifted and created by both friends & you too Valerie. A feast of inspiration for us all :0)

  19. First of all Valerie - the painting you received is really gorgeous. Next, you sure did receive a lot of gorgeous images (papers)from your friend in the US. Last but certainly not least is the beautiful card you made! Of course I am looking at the double Z-fold card that I am going WOW,WOW,WOWZER over!!! I do like your black and white card - but sweet lady - I love that double-z card!!!

  20. You are an expert in making these double fold cards Val, wish mine turned out so well. (it ended in the bin) lol Love the beautiful painting and all the papers your were sent. Happy mail is just that HAPPY!

  21. Both gorgeous makes. love the shape of them
    Lindsay xx

  22. Diane is such a gem and so generous! The painting from Alex is amazing! You certainly worked wonders with those papers from Diane! Such a gorgeous double folded card! Love it! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Hugs!

  23. You are so lucky to have such wonderful friends!!
    I just love the papers you were sent....totally gorgeous. I am so jealous :-)

    Happy Crafting

  24. Hi Valerie you have been a lucky lady indeed and that's nice x. Your card is stunning those flowers are a lush colour. Perfect for that song. Thanks for joining us at OOAH. Hugs Sandra X

  25. Hi Valerie
    Gorgeous card, perfect song to go with your theme
    Thanks for joining us at OOAH
    Janet x


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