Tuesday, 17 January 2012

More Journal Pages & a Photo

Hi you all. We had lovely weather yesterday, very cold, but bright and sunny; it was good to see the sun again. Today should be the same, so hope to get a free hour this afternoon to go for a little walk. I now have my *time-table*, so Mondays to Fridays are filled with different therapies, even gymnastics - gulp!! Hope I survive it! And this evening I plan on doing some painting with some of the ladies here - I planned it with one lady, and then others heard, so we will be having a painting class in the common room; should be fun!

Yesterday when I came back from breakfast, the moon was still in the sky, it looked so pretty, I just had to take a photo.

And here are the journal pages I made at the weekend. I have used different shades of blue, together with some white and red for the basis layer, and scraped the paint on with a loo roll! Then I used some vintage book paper and sequin waste to give some texture, and added a bit of stamping, before doing some doodling and collaging. Whatever, it was fun to make!

Hope you have a good day, take care of yourselves and thanks a lot for visiting!


  1. Well trust you to organise a painting class I do hope you will share to creations with us. I bet they all are so pleased to have such a talented lady in their midst to motivate them. Great journal pages , I have to say That blue you use is amazing and as for the images and doodling fabulous as always.


  2. You will soon have the place turned into a crafters paradise! I too hope we get to see the paintings. Beautiful photograph, Valerie and your journal pages, as always, as most interesting. Have a good day and try to behave yourself in gym class. (It's great to hear someone use the word 'loo' ... I miss it!) hugs, Donna

  3. Well done on getting everyone else organised. I'm sure it'll be lots of fun. How inventive you are being! I wonder what you'll put the paint on with next?? Love the blue with the touches of red and you must have so much patience and skill to cut out those ladies so neatly. x

  4. Hi Val, hope you are doing well! Gymnastics, eh?! Love your pages, and the pretty photo! Hugs, Sarah

  5. Painting class, fantastic, bet you all have a great time, looking forward to seeing the paintings.
    As always your pages are wonderful and the photo is lovely.
    Take care,Yvonne x

  6. Oh Valerie, you've made me laugh this morning - gymnastics - hope you're not going to be balancing on a beam! - maybe just rolling around on the floor or prancing around waving a long ribbon! Wonderful news about your wee painting class - that hospital will be employing you next! Fab journal pages - nice bright colours - wishing you a sunny day! Suze xx

  7. sounds like you've got a busy schedule!Love the pages. x Julie

  8. Fabulous journal pages. I'm glad you've got your week filled - I'm not sure about gymnastics though.
    xxx Hazel.

  9. You are settling in very well and with creative painting set to become a therapist there as well LOL

    I sent you an email a few days ago but have not heard back, did you receive or should I resend it? XOXO Zoe

  10. Looks like you have your days full. :) Lovely journal pages.

  11. Oh WOW, I hope you survive it too! and I love your photo and your journal pages...adore that man with the umbrella. Wishing you a happy week ahead!

  12. Hi Valerie. Gymnastics!!!!! lol! Oh dear! Pleased to hear you are taking over the art department! I knew it wouldn't be long before you would be inspiring others. Love the journal pages.
    Take care,
    Florence xxx

  13. I love your journal pages.... great colours. The faces remind me of a book cover from my latest read. One Day.

    Hope you enjoy your gymnastics!!! Remember to warm up before you start doing your backflips and hand stands!!!


  14. ps

    another new header? i really like this one too:)

  15. lovely pages, beautiful faces. I love the moon photo.

  16. Cool journal pages - love the colors and faces. I keep meaning to get back to my journal but get distracted by drawing little dog sheep :) Thanks for the visits!

  17. Love these pages especially the bling on the magazine face. So glad you are able to pull some ladies together for the class, should be nice for all of you.

  18. Great news about the painting class Valerie!! Will keep you out of mischief!! lol
    Love the journal pages...so much lovely blue!
    Sparkles for the gymnastics class - enjoy!!
    Hugs xx

  19. Love the journal pages!
    Incorporating collage paper and paint, such a great technique :]
    I am so glad to hear, your little "birdie" clip made it safely... enjoy!! (hugs)
    Take care of yourself.

  20. Beautiful shade of blue!! love the man with the umbrella.
    good luck with the gymnastics!

  21. Love all your new work Val. Hope the painting class went ok. I started my club back today and the ladies want to learn to draw. We had great fun, hope you did too. xx

  22. lovely photo and journal pages val,

    hope you survived the gymnastics (rather you than me, lol)...

    maria xx

  23. Fantastic pages for your journal. I love the faces you added lower left.

    Once a teacher; always a teacher. The ladies will love your painting talents and organization.

    SHOW & TELL, please.


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