Monday, 27 May 2019

T stands for Taking lots of phoTos:

Hi Everybody!

Hope you all have a great start in the new week. It's grey and overcast here, but I'm sure we will have some sunny patches in between, so that's something to look forward to.
Today I am sharing another tag meant for Joan's gardening challenge at Tag Tuesday. I used a copy of a hand-painted, written and collaged piece for my tag, adding some metal elements (Serif) and a hand-painted background. There's still plenty of time to join in:

Today is also Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday, so here a warm welcome to all of the lovely ladies of the T Gang. I have some photos taken last week on one of my trips. On one day I went to the 'Medienhafen' in the Altstadt of Düsseldorf and took lots of pics of Frank Gehry's wonderful houses, which I will show in my next post. I discovered this delightful coffee-roaster / cafe in one of the little lanes of the Altstadt:

Special blends of coffee:

Equipment for making coffee on the go:

And my beautiful cappuccino which I drank sitting outside:

Saw this beautiful door, too:

And this was taken at the back of the Uerige Brewery ( the one with the drunken reveller weather-vane) where they are busy all day loading barrels and bottles onto trucks to be delivered to the thirsty from near and far:

This rather murky pond was next to the town history museum:

These pics were taken in Schloss Kalkum, just playing around:

Incognito, or how not to take a photo:

Two ghosts:

Back to Hofgarten:

The black swan was alone again:

Goslings at Schloss Kalkum:

And the ghost having fun:

A beautiful garden in Kalkum village:

I was out and about all week, so didn't get round to housework again....

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Good morning Val, hope you enjoyed your weekend. We went to my mum's, as usual, so I'm happy to be back home again. LOVE your wonderful tag and the lovely quote, beautifully created. Great photos again, too. Love the ones using the traffic mirror! All those baby ducks and geese are gorgeous. And your coffee at that cafe in the Altstadt is a work of art, wow! Have a wonderful week, hugs, Sarah

    1. Thanks Sweetie, you have a good week, too!

  2. Your gardening tag is absolutely delightful - I love the handwritten sentiments. Thank you so much for another amazing photo-tour in your company. So many fantastic sights along the way... the wrought iron window grille, all the birds enjoying the spring, those amazing poppies and of course the delicious coffee!
    Alison x

  3. The gardening tag is fresh and lovely! I have always loved photos of doors and you have shown the most beautiful over the years, you live in an amazing city, one thing about house work, it never goes anywhere it always waits for us!

    1. Thanks Laurie - you're so right about housework, it NEVER goes away!

  4. Beautiful tag Valerie with lovely textures and colours.
    Fab photos as always - cool shots of reflections in mirrors and leaf design in cup. Hope all ok with you.
    Have a great new week. Gill x

  5. Your lovely tag reminds me the new Outlander novel Diana Gabaldon is writing: Go Tell It To The Bees. I bet the coffee roaster's smells heavenly. I do love the smell of coffee, but not the taste. The heart cream in in your cappuccino is so pretty. An art form in itself. I love the pictures of the ducks, swans, and geese. The duck ramp to the river made me smile. Fun ghost pictures, too. And I'd rather be out and about than doing housework! Enjoy your day!

    1. Yes, that duck-ramp is precious, it really made me laugh!

  6. I love your tag Valerie, the quote is perfect! This looks like a coffee drinkers heaven, I'd never sleep lol. Have a very happy week, I think we get rain, rain, and more rain, Sue x

  7. Adorable pics of birds, I also love taking pictures, especially food pics or pics of my son☺

  8. Nice tag. I love its slight abstraction of a garden, which is often we view gardens isn't it? We walk right bu, catch glimpses of the blooms and leaves. And I can't wait to see the FRank Gehry houses. I am familiar with some of his public buildings which a really wild but so creative. My Dad was an architect, and although not as crazy as Gehry, I learned to appreciate good structures. And the bird photos are great. I love all the babies. Happy early T day and happy new week too. Hugs-Erika

  9. Beautiful tag and the coffee place looks so interesting. Enjoyed your photos today!

  10. Oh what a cool looking place to be walking around taking pics. Great shots.

  11. I love your tag and the words on it.
    The coffee place looks a great place to go.

    Once again … an absolute joy to see your photographs.
    A wonderful mix.

    Have a great week.

    All the best Jan

  12. Housework can always be put off is my motto:)
    A purrfectly lovely piece and some great photos. Especially the bridge, fowl and coffee:) Fun ghost pics.
    I hope the black swan is okay.

  13. What a beautiful tag! I love the quote and the composition. What a cozy coffee place! Interesting sights. Those adorable red-headed whats? Ducklings? Goslings? Striking birds :) The ghost pics are fun. Housework can wait ;)

  14. Lovely tag. I really enjoyed your photos this week. The reflections were really fun!
    Happy T day! Oh and I LOVED that chandelier in one of the first few photos. So cool!

  15. Your tag is beautiful Valerie! Lovely combination of words and collage! Your coffee looks very tempting!
    Love the photos here! I must have a trip down to the Mersey as the geese may have goslings now! Happy T day! Chrisx

  16. What a fabulous tag, dear Valerie. It is gorgeous and I loved how you collaged it. Beautiful and very much a garden inspired entry.

    I worry about the male black swan. I hope he is all right. LOVED all the bird photos and those white swans were incredible.

    I want to go to that coffee house. I can almost smell the coffee. It looks like the kind of place I would enjoy, too. I need one of those containers for making coffee on the go! Your cappuccino looks delicious, too.

    I wish we had those traffic mirrors in my town. I guess our streets aren't narrow enough to justify them. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous tag, all the fowl, the gorgeous flowers, and your cappuccino from the coffee shop with us for T this Tuesday.

  17. Very pretty tag, Valerie. I bet Elizabeth would love to have one of those on-the-go-coffee-makers after her recent power outage (grin). Your cappuccino is beautiful! And so are the photos from the Mediahafen. I think your ghosted photos are very cool. I love seeing all the young ducks and geese.

    Here's my theory: If you haven't been home using things and making messes, the house doesn't need cleaning ;-)

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

    1. Your theory is wonderful, now I feel MUCH better! Thanks!

  18. Your pictures of your walk and nature are beautiful. Those poppies are stunning! And of course those swans are quite the site... graceful and beautiful.
    Your tag has the perfect amount of foliage. So pretty!
    Happy Tea Day,

  19. Your tag is so pretty I love it.
    and wow amazing photos again too. You find the neatest spots for your cappuccino-loved the ghosts photos and loved all the birds and flowers
    Happy T hugs Kathy

  20. Your Tuesday Tag is pretty amazing, and the quote is fabulous. What a great way to showcase coffee too, and as always, I'm so in love with the picture you display of nature, and shops in the area. Hugs...RO

  21. Out and about all week? No housework? sounds good to me!
    I'm back on my computer, so you can see my comments again. I have commented on all your blog while away but none of them became visible. sorry.
    I enjoyed all your photos. Yes, I remember the weather vane of the Uerige brewery. The drunken chap.That was a fun detail in your previous blog.
    The door is magnificent! Like you, I love beautiful doors. I was surprised at the posh second hand shop. One would expect them in a run-down neighbourhood.
    The swan, gosling and other fowl are wonderful. New life. I'm so glad you are having reasonable weather so you and your friend can go for lot of walks. I smiled at the ghosts. such fun!
    Happy T-Day and enjoy your week! (The house work will wait)

    1. The second-hand shops here are often very exclusive and expensive!

  22. delightful gardening tag. Love all the photos- the ghost captures are so fun! And the doors are really great. All this sightseeing and fun- SO much better than housework:) Happy T day!

  23. What a charming cafe and walk! I love those mirrors that see around the corner. And what wonderful birds you saw today! Babies are getting bigger!

  24. You tag is gorgeous! I loved walking with you, much better than doing the housework 😉. You captured such wonderful sights, your amazing coffee, the beautiful door, those little red headed chicks, the mirror on the road and not forgetting the ghosts - fabulous! Happy T Day! Jo x

  25. Its a gorgeous tag and it looks the kind that you wish you had a touch mode on the computer.
    All the photos again looked great and I liked the ghost one and the bird photos by the lake.
    Your coffee looked very tempting even to a tea drinker.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  26. Mmmmm I can smell the sweet smell of that Coffee there really is nothing like it. A beautiful moment to capture those poppies, such a wonderful flower that like a Butterfly does not last as long as it should.
    Your garden tag is super Valerie, beautiful words *Tell your story to the wind...*
    Happy T Day HUgs Tracey xx

  27. You have much more interesting things to photograph on our walks. And I think you are a much better photographer! I wouldn't organize, I would be out walking! Lovely tag! Thanks for your earlier visit! Happy Day!

  28. Great artwork and photos. There are so many lovely sights to photograph where you are. Great door! And I love seeing the flowers and birds. I get sad each time I hear the black swan is alone again. Happy T-Day!

  29. What a wonderful tag Valerie !! I really like the background you have created, the colours are fantastic and the quote is great. The photos you share today are beautiful, I like them all ... nice coffee! Happy belated T-day !! (although one day later, I'm sorry)
    Those babies are adorable, and the ghosts are daring !! Thanks!
    I wish you a very nice afternoon,
    Big hugs, Caty

  30. A fabulous tag and wonderful photos. Love the swans pictures.


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