Monday, 10 December 2018

T stands for Tag Tuesday and more

Hi Everybody!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Today I am sharing a new tag for Wilma's 'hearth and home' challenge at Tag Tuesday.  The challenge will be running for the whole month this time, so you still have plenty of time to join in. I re-used a window die-cut , with a photo taken from one of our free magazines and some other scraps to make this one. As a kid I used to love looking into people's windows whilst traveling by on the bus or train, and this time I can imagine the folks in Santa's train looking into the seasonally decorated rooms on their journey:

Tuesday is also time for T stands for Tuesday at Elizabeth's blog, so here a warm welcome to all of the nice ladies of the T gang. I have a photo to share taken in the bakery-cafe last week. I drank my coffee before I could take a photo, so I magicked one into the photo: 

These photos were taken at the garden centre I visited a couple of weeks back with my neighbour. I am not fond of this extreme commercialisation of  holidays, but it was quite pretty and very glittery!

Sunday was the light night of Hanukkah, so this time all of the candles were lit,
and I enjoyed a lovely evening with my friend N, who made the most delicious 'Reibekuchen' ever! Thanks!

The sky was cloudy this morning, but we still had a beautiful sun-rise show:

And the wild-geese flew honking over head while I was freezing outside on the balcony:

'May the sun always shine for you, and may you always have a light to guide you through the darkness'

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. really a great christmas card. love your town christmas to..

  2. I love, love, love your Christmas tag today, so pretty. I loved looking into people's houses on m journey's, too, such fun! Wonderful photos, as always, especially the lovely sky pics - you have a great talent for finding the right moment to press the button! The Chanukka candles look beautiful, too. Have a lovely day, keep warm, hugs, Sarah

  3. Hi Valerie wow i love your tag its gorgeous and boy i love the pics of the xmas shop,thankyou for sharing my friend.

  4. Lovely tag and photos. Have a nice week!

  5. Hello dear Valerie!
    Such a great Christmas card you made! Like the window theme!
    Wonderful pictures from the Christmas market ! I love having poinsettia in the house for the season!
    Great captures of the Chanukah candles,the flying Geese and the gorgeous sunrise and colors of the sky!
    Thank you for sharing! Wishing you a lovely day and a happy week! Hugs!

  6. Truth be told...I still enjoy a peek into windows as we drive by houses :)
    Your tag is gorgeous!!! Wow!!!
    Such fantastic photos of decorations and heavenly skies and the season's holidays!

    Thank you so much for sharing...Hugs ❤

  7. Such a pretty tag. I enjoyed looking at all the decorations in the store and imagining how they would be put together or what they would be made into. I love watching the honking geese fly by. They all left for warmer areas. Your sunrise photos are gorgeous, but my favorite was the glow and reflection of your menorah. Your quote/prayer was very touching, too. Happy T Day

    1. Our wild-geese spend winter here. They mostly live on some small, sheltered lakes nearby, and fly back and forth to the Rhine mornings and evenings and sometimes in between!

  8. Your tag is beautiful! Lovely seasonal photos today.

  9. Gorgeous tag! I'm not a fan of the commercialism, but I do love the seasonal displays in shops and shop windows. That garden center has some talented staff :) Happy early T Tuesday

  10. I love both your tags -- they really express the season. And seeing the shops is just charming! I hope your Hanukkah was lovely.

  11. Its a lovely window die cut you used on your fantastic Christmas tag.
    I agree with you about the commercialism of Christmas, yes the displays can look really lovely and it is nice to spend time browsing in the stores, but it does seem as if they are tempting folk to spend more money.
    Your candles all lit for Hanukkah looked wonderful, the reflections in the window added to the beauty.
    Happy T day wishes for tomorrow.
    Yvonne xx

  12. What an impressive tag. I was really impressed. You picked a perfect image with just the right size, too. It is wonderful. Like you, when I am riding with someone I enjoy seeing inside windows of homes. I love it when they leave the drapes open so you can get a glimpse of the interior and a decorated tree.

    I adore the menorah and how beautifully it shines in your window. What a shot! That garden center was really lovely, and a bit overdone. But I've never see a garden center that Wasn't filled to the brim with goodies. At least, this was tasteful.

    Nice photo of the cafe. I've been known to forget photos of my drink, but yours is absolutely amazing with the added digital element. Thanks for sharing this cappuccino with us for T this almost Tuesday.

  13. Such a welcoming Christmas scene through your window, Valerie - beautiful tag. And your sunrise shots are simply stunning. Thanks for sharing

  14. the die and scene you created, and gorgeou tag result.. Brilliant photos and the candles look great.xx

  15. Your window Christmas tag is just stunning-I love it.
    I am not into all that commercialism either. Your photos are always so beautiful loved them all
    Happy Hanukkah hugs Kathy

  16. lovely post of festivities and celebrations Valerie. Wonderful looking window scene for Tag Tuesday. Happy T day!

  17. Such a lovely Christmas scene behind that window. A beautiful tag!
    I loved seeing all the pretty pictures of the holiday displays. But I agree with you, I am not a fan of the commercialism.
    Happy Tea Day,

  18. The menorah and its reflections look so pretty. I love the idea of lighting a new candle every night. And I also love your tag and the window view. Adding the train was a great idea. Our garden centers here sell decorations but don't seem to have those beautiful displays. I know they are just trying to sell things, which agree with you gets to be too commercialized, but they are pretty to look at. happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  19. You've created such a lovely tag Valerie... it has such an "at home and cosy" feel to it :D) The shop is well stocked with Christmassy things - it must attract a lot of interest. Also (having had a little shop years ago), I can appreciate the work that's gone into it all for presentation!
    I love the clouds in your sky and am glad you could still snap your sunrise... they kind of attract little glints of light on them don't they - golden light.
    Cheers for today and have a very happy week :D)

  20. ein schönes weihnachtstag und tolle bilder vom abendhimmel,toll wie die vögel in formation fliegen.
    ich muss gleich ins krankenhaus,op vorbeiereitungstag,donnerstag ist die op,ich zittere am ganzen körper.
    drück mir bitte die daumen.
    einen schönen tag.

    hugs jenny

  21. Such a beautiful post Valerie. The way you did your T Day photograph is just so inventive and it looks like an amzing place to have a coffee. Must say that the shops you visit and show to us look so fantastic. Better still are your sky and bird pictures that Vic and me enjoy so much. Thank you sharing everything

    A very Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

    Love Chrissie xx

  22. Your tag is bneautiful. I like that steam train image. It reminds me of my childhood when we had a sheet of those little images.
    The sunrise photos are awesome! Stunning. What a great shot of the geese!
    I enjoyed the visit to the cafe and the garden centre. Yes, In England too, the garden centre is THE place to go for Christmas decorations.
    Your menorah is lovely. Thank you for sharing the Hanukka lights with us.
    And I certainly appreciate the blessing at the end. Thank you.
    All the best wishes for you too,
    Happy T-Day,

  23. The TAG you made is fabulous. I love the "looking in through a window" scene.

    That chandelier looks interesting. Is it muffins and cupcakes dangling from it?

    Absolutely stunning sunrise. The geese flying add a wonderful touch to the scene. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  24. Fabulous tag! The collaged elements look wonderful together and I love your die cut window - perfect 😁. Such beautiful photos too, the reflections of the candle light and colours of the sunset are spectacular! Wishing you a very happy T Day! J 😊 x

  25. Your holiday window tag is so charming and sweet! beautiful photos and quite stunning shop your sunset photos too. Happy T day!

  26. Your tag window is fab Valerie, the train reminds me of the Polar Express film which is on every Christmas. Your candles look so welcoming now they are all lit. We've looked around a very commercialised garden centre today too, it looked very pretty, but the prices were eye watering lol x

  27. I just love your tag window, it's fabulous.

    Nice colour Poinsettias in your photograph, and those skies are gorgeous.
    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  28. Lovely photos and tag Valerie!
    Happy Hanukkah and I hope you have a great day,
    Alison xxx

  29. What a beautiful and oh so festive post Valerie!! beginning with your tag!! Which btw is a new favorite! I love the view from that window!
    huge hugs my friend! Jackie xo

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  31. Sorry to be so late to tea, Valerie. The winter holiday time is always crazy busy for my business. Better late then never ;-)

    What a charming card. I still love looking in windows at holiday decor. Everything looks so magical this time of year.

    I agree about the over-commercialization of Christmas - all the holidays really. I still get more satisfaction out of making things myself - whether gifts or decorations.

    Your lighted menorah photos are beautiful.

    Belated Happy T-Day! Eileen xoxo

  32. Lovely tag! And those photos are all so gorgeous! I am sorry to be late, but I have a lot of trouble commenting. I used to be able to do it on my iPad, but for some reason they don't take, so have to wait until I can get on my laptop, and still sometimes they don't take. I even go back a day or two later, and my comments are still not there. On some I have commented up to three times, and they never show up. Anyway, Happy Belated Tea Day! :)

  33. It's amazing how travel can trigger off a moment in time, I often used to wonder what lives people had when looking through the windows too. It can conjure up all sorts. There's definitely a warm cosy home through your window.
    I agree absolutely about the commercial side of Christmas, I've not seen much of it this year with the present circumstance so I can be Thankful so anything I see as of now will be quite uplifting as this weekend will be the time for my Tree and decorations.
    Happy Thursday Hugs Tracey xx

  34. I love your memories and I love your tag!! So beautiful!! The garden centre is so pretty! I like how you put your coffee in the picture! LOL! Love your candles dancing for Hanukkah. Truly gorgeous sky photos! Big Hugs!

  35. gorgeous, gorgeous art today valerie! i love the journal page, the card and all the stunning photos! have a wonderful weekend. xo

  36. Your tag is beautiful Valerie! The bakery looks to have a tempting display! Garden Centres these days have become so much more! We visited a very OTT one last week! Your sky shots are fabulous!A very belated Happy T Day,Chrisx


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