Monday, 3 December 2018

T stands for hearTh and home

Hi Everybody!

The weekend went by much too quickly, and now the new week has begun, and we are into Advent and Hanukkah. I wish all of you who are celebrating a blessed time.

At Tag Tuesday our new theme has been chosen by our lovely and talented Wilma, and is 'hearth and home', so time to think about cosy evenings spent by the fire in the decorated home. My first tag is showing the home from outside, the next one will be inside where it's warm:

Tuesday is also time for Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday, so here a warm welcome to all of the nice ladies of the T gang. My drink is once again cappuccino, served in one of my Mum's old bone-china cups:

On Saturday I met up with G  in Neuss and he gave me a guided tour of some parts of the town that I hadn't visited before. We started off with a cappuccino at the  cafe opposite the station:

We walked through the town park, a pretty and peaceful place especially on a busy Saturday:

The cormorants were having a hang out in a tree by the lake:

This locomotive has been part of the kids' playground for a long time; G had fond memories of playing there as a boy:

I loved this bronze, called the 'egg-thief':

This one looked happy and a bit spaced out:

A canal leads through the park with lots of water fowl:

And the heron allowed us to take a photo:

The way back into town led us along the old walls and past some ancient towers:

And this little watch tower has been put to good use:

It's a pizza tower, and G also had fond memories of often buying a slice of pizza there:

Then we arrived at the Christmas Market, and sampled the very delicious Reibekuchen:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Your tag is so beautiful Valerie. You are amazingly talented!
    What a lovely way to enjoy a delicious a cup that belonged to your mom.
    Again...wonderful and beautiful photos!!!
    Those old tower pics reminded me of the children's story about Repunzel(?)
    Have a creative and wonderful week!

    Hugs ❄🎄❄

    1. Thanks Jan. I'm sure Rapunzel was locked up in a tower like that!

  2. Your sweet tag would make a nice Christmas card. Still lots of beautiful Autumn color left in the park. That train looks a bit like Percy from Thomas the Tank. Happy memories of my Eldest. The old towers are spectacular, and the pizza tower made me smile as did your mother's china teacup. Nice that the old things are still put to use. Happy T Day

  3. Lovely new theme for tag Tuesday, and a beautiful tag. Your cappuccino looks so good. Thanks for the tour the photos are awesome.

  4. Hello dear Valerie!
    Happy Advent and Hanukkah!
    Love your fabulous tag and the beautiful image with the cute Robin bird!
    So nice having your cappuccino in your mother’s china cup!
    Wonderful pictures from your walk in this beautiful park! Such beautiful Autumn surroundings!
    Great captures of the Heron and the Cormorant bird!
    Like the old tower and the pizza shop! Thank you for sharing!
    Wishing you a lovely day and a happy week! Hugs!

  5. Hi Val, love your beautiful tag. Happy Chanukah! Yippee, it's Reibekuchen time! Beautiful photos from your walk through Neuss, I never knew there were such lovely spots there. Have a good week, hugs, Sarah

  6. Your tag is wonderful Valerie !! love the little bird outside and the beautiful house! Your mom cup is gorgeous, a real treasure.
    Your photographs are lovely, thank you very much for sharing them. These birds are so beautiful .The views are fabulous.
    I wish you a very nice week, big hugs,

  7. Happy early T Day. That's such a sweet cup, especially with the fond memories that must come when you use it :) That park does look peaceful, and it looks like there are good places to sit. Your photos are wonderful! I'd like your Christmas Market magically transported to my city. What a treat!

  8. Fantastic tag Valerie and I can't wait to see what lies inside.

    How lovely to have one of your mum's china cups and good of you to share it with us. I am sure it one of your most treasured items.

    Love the place that you and G visited. Such wonders to find there as always. The heron photograph is stunning.

    Have a very Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. It is a wonderful tag Valerie, the house looks very welcoming on a cols winters day.
    Your photos of Neuss look lovely and it seems as if it was a nice day to go for a walk.
    The sculptures looked fantastic, I loved the Egg Thief.
    The Cappuccino looks delicious and it must be special to use your mums china.
    Happy T day wishes Valerie.
    Yvonne xx

  10. That cappuccino served in one of your Mum's old bone-china cups is so special.

    What a fabulous walk you enjoyed, I loved seeing your photographs.

    Enjoy your week.

    All the best Jan

  11. Hello Valerie, I love your sweet tag - so full of cheer and festivity:D)
    Drinking coffee from your Mum's beautiful cup is just lovely - the heart shaped into the foam says it all!
    What a stunning walk you had. Most gorgeous reflections of the trees over the water. The towers are wonderful, and I love the shingle roof on the pizza tower.
    A great post and thankyou for sharing :D)

    1. The slate shingles are traditional around here and many houses have them.

  12. lovely tag- I'll try and get one in for the theme:) Love your outdoor photos- the cappuccinos always look SO good, and I love the reflective photos along with that heron especially. Happy T day!

  13. I love your tag very much, your cappuccino looks so delicious-and wow I just really enjoyed all of the wonderful photos-loved the statues and train too hugs Happy T Kathy

  14. Beautiful tag so adorable is that Robin and bow. Wow what a cupp with a love heart, sweet. Is Reibekuchen like a potato cake? Looks like something my mum used to make as she did a lot of Russian and German cooking.x

    1. I grew up with the same sort of cooking. They are fried paper cakes, often called latkes.

  15. What a sweet holiday tag! I love things with birds. That latte is so pretty -- I'm not a fan of any coffee drink but I love how they look and smell!

  16. A very beautiful tag for Christmas. Your china cup is so pretty. There is nothing like a hot drink in a pretty cup. Your photos are lovely as always. I really love the sculptures!
    Happy Tea Day,

  17. Hi Valerie wow great tag and you take the most amazing pics,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  18. Your tag is incredible. I adore it and love the theme, too. It's a genuine beauty. I'm hoping to find a way to make a tag for this theme, too.

    Your trip to Neuss was beautiful. Your photos show the beauty of the area. That train was SO much fun.

    Your cappuccino had to be special, since it was in that amazing cup you inherited from your mother. It is so lovely, and I have some that also have that gold on the rims. Yours is still amazingly lovely. Thanks for sharing your cappuccino, your trip to Neuss and the food and drink you shared there, too, as well as your lovely tag with us for T this Tuesday.

  19. Oh Valerie, I did visit you! I wouldn't want to miss yours. It's usually the first one I do. I have had thiss problem before, that my comments that I write on my ipad don't come through. We are always away the night from Monday to Tuesday, so I prepare my blog beforehand and post it at midnight on Monday night using my ipad. Then on Tuesday morning I do a few comments at breakfast time. we don't get back home until late on Tuesday night, sso the rest of the comments get done late on Tues or later in the wweek. Yourss is one of the first ones I do as I love your blog and love looking at all your lovely photos. I apologise. I do hope this one gets through. (I'll check later on).

    1. I've heard others saying the same thing. My friend Sarah says she needs to refresh the page she is commenting on, and then it works. Well, sometimes at least. If I comment on blogs with my tablet I always need to do the word verification, which I hate!

  20. That is a very christmassy tag with the robin. Very sweet.
    Your cappuccino looks delish. And you managed to make a heart!!
    I enjoyed the walk in Neuss. The park is beautiful in its winter colours. The photo of the canal is my favorite. You managed to catch those cormorants on camera. And the heron looks very regal. I love the sculptures, especially the egg thief.
    Very interesting towers. The last one was a surprise when you showed the pizza place. Such fun.
    I had never heard of Reibekuchen so I had to look it up. That would be something I would enjoy. I've just had breakfast but my mouth is watering at the thought.
    I'm now going to write a comment on your previous T blog. It was quite memorable with those enormous fruit and the Ronald Mcdonald house.
    Happy T-Day,

    1. Reibekuchen are very tasty, and a constant temptation when I go past the Christmas market every day!

  21. Hearth and home is a great theme and I love your tag. I am definitely in hibernation mode and could just stay home a lot more. And Neuss looks very pretty. It's always exciting to see something new, especially something that's not so far away. :) Have a wonderful t day. That heart on your cappuccino mean you have a cup full of joy. Hugs-Erika

  22. Great photos Valerie, and I love your robin tag!
    Alison xx

  23. Hearth and home is a great theme and I love your Christmasy tag, Valerie.

    I enjoyed your wonderful photos (the heron picture is spectacular!) of Neuss and the tour you gave us. The old towers are wonderful. The pizza tower made me smile as did your Mum's bone china teacup. It so nice you still have them and put them to use.

    I never heard of Reibekuchen so I looked it up. My hubby loves potato pancakes too!

    Happy T-day! Eileen xoxo

  24. Lovely tag, and that cappucino looks delicious ... Love the statues in the park. Wishing you a great week ♥

  25. I love your tag Valerie, there's nothing that says Winter quite like a Robin is there. This is such a pretty town too, the one where I grew up has changed so much, it must be nice for G to have such good reminders of his childhood xx

  26. Your tag is fabulous Valerie, a lovely Winters day too! I loved seeing the colours on your walk, especially the reflections by the stream! Your cappucino looks lovelt in your Mum's cup! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  27. I love your snowy little cottage, and I'm looking forward to the cosy interior! Both the cappuccino and the Reibekuchen (I think I'd probably have to call them latkes!) look delicious, and your countryside and sculpture photos have given me another lovely "day out". The birds in the tree branches are wonderful.
    Alison x

    1. That's what we called them at home,but here in Germany they are Reibekuchen!

  28. Ein ganz zauberhaftes Winter-Tag ist das, gefĂ€llt mir sehr mit dem hĂŒbschen Vogel drauf.
    Deine Exkursion durch Neuss ist auch wieder interessant anzuschauen, besonders den Pizzakiosk finde ich witzig und die alten TĂŒrme mag ich auch immer sehr.
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe

  29. Wonderful tag and great photographs. What a lovely area to visit.

  30. What la lovely wintry tag. I'd love a nice cappuccino right now. The Egg Thief is adorable. The Christmas Market looks wonderful. I've never had a Reibekuchen- but it looks tasty. :)

  31. Valerie, your tag is so beautiful. It evokes a feeling of nostalgia in me! And I think I told you before that I love cappuccino, too! I absolutely love the bone china cup and saucer, too. And of course, another great big wow for all of your photos. I loved seeing the little café, the beautiful park, and the amazing Christmas Market. Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us.

  32. I love your tag! So pretty! Great photos! Love the statues! Love the Christmas market! Yummy cappuccino! LOL! Big Hugs!

  33. Lovely tag, Valerie - for me ( in an Aussie summer), it's like a dream Christmas with snow and a red robin! Your photos are always beautiful and I love having weekly adventures with you. Merry Christmas

  34. Your hearth and home tag is a favorite- I love the bird at the bottom!
    Oh what fun to walk somewhere new and hear stories about G's youth there! How nice to share such memories!
    And that Santa in the window at the cafe' is beautiful- I love this version!
    How was that potato fried cake? It looked delish-e-0-cious! hehee
    Thanks so much for sharing these days! xoxo

  35. What a gorgeous tag!! Your photos are always so interesting and lovely.
    Happy Holidays!!!


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