Monday, 13 May 2013

Insect Moos and Moo pocket folder

Hi you all! Yesterdays was cold, wet and windy here, so I made the best of it - stayed home and crafted. Left my PJs on all day, ate 2 chocolate biscuits and a slice of cake, and plenty of coffee, so the day turned out quite good!

I made some Moos for our theme of insects. I don't have many insect stamps, and even less in this size, but did manage to find a few. The moo on the cover is a 'real' moo card, which I had printed from a part photo of a hanging I made some time back. Here I have just added the butterflies, fluttering in and out.

The little folder has been made of one sheet of double sided cardstock from My Mind's Eye.
I use the paper with the stripes alternating in both directions, and sometimes inside, sometimes outside the pockets.
For the cover I used some leather look paper from India, and the ribbon and beads were from my stash.

This is a little moo card, made to send as a gift card, which has been stamped and glittered with stickles - I love the quote, too.

Here are 2 more which have been stamped over my printed moos. I had a box full made last year using pictures of my paintings. The left one is part of an abstract, the right one was an attempt to paint like Van Gogh.

Here I have used scraps of marbled paper I made last year, once again stamped and stickled.

These were made from the last scrap of the sheet I used to make the album, once again stamped and stickled

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This was a fun project!

Have a great day, stay creative, and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Wonderful work, Val, just love what you have made - so much variety and love went into this! Hugs, Sarah

  2. Gorgeous little pieces of art. x

  3. Hello, Valerie, I'm glad the weather was so bad yesterday as we got to see all these wonderful Moos. Sounds like you had a very nice day, it's great weather for making art here too.

  4. Are all these flies embossed? Love how they look. :)

  5. DU bist noch fleissiger als eine Biene.. ich bin fasziniert!

    aber Du hast das echt raffinert gemacht..diese kleinen raffinierten Teilchen aus eigener Kunst nochmal zu etwas Extravagantem zu machen !
    zu solch Miniaturmeisterwerken !

    grandiose MOO - Meisterin Du!

    lg Susi...
    ich hab gestern auch geschlemmt mit Quarkstrudel und jeder Menge Schokolade..
    und Gummibärchen ( da war mir zwischendurch schlecht) und ich konnt abends meinen Magen nur mehr mit einer großen Portion salziger Erdnüsse umstimmen..LOL....
    frage nicht..mein Bäuchlein wächst gewaltig bei solchen ESS-Kapaden..
    aber scheint die Seele brauchts ab und an!

  6. just wonderful work! would also be great for paper Saturdays.

  7. First of all a wonderful parcel has just arrived at my house. Shouting out loud a huge thank you. email on its way to you.
    Gorgeous Moo's and a beautiful book to keep them in.

  8. Happy Moonday Valerie, your Sunday sounds bliss! A fabulous little moo/bee book! I love the pansy one and of course your gorgeous marbled paper. Fabulous work! Xx

  9. All of them are gorgeous, Valerie! you are an inspiration :)
    have a great week :)

  10. I love all your Moo cards - had no idea what a moo card was but I did find out. I really love the folder you made full or moos!!

  11. Lovely work - I really like the marbling.


  12. Completely wonderful and very inspirational! Is that your original quote Valerie? Please can I use it? :0) Mo x

  13. Ooh valerie,das sind alles ganz großartige fantastische teilchen,und du warst soo fleißig,jedes ist ein kleinen kunstwerk für sich und so liebevoll gemacht,ich bin seehr begeistert.
    auch die karte für deine mum ist ja herzalliesbt geworden,geschlemmt habe ich gestern auch mit panierten schnitzel,knödel und sosse,und der bauch wächst gewaltig *gg*aber hin und wieder braucht die seele sowas.

    GLG Jeannette

  14. Boah -ich bin grad sprachlos - das ist einfach grandios!!!!
    LG Dagmar

  15. Love the way you've used your own art as the bases of all these minis... and that file folder holder creation is genius!

  16. Each one different; each one so special--I love the little folder to keep them in, too!

  17. SO pretty! I love all the color - and yes! - That bee quote is one to remember. Bravo, xoxo

  18. These look gorgeous. You did a fabulous job on these my friend.


  19. These are all so beautiful and detailed! Love the marbeled paper and the little book to keep them in is awesome, you are so very talented. ~Diane

  20. Chocolate biscuits, cake, coffee and bugs... my kind of day and theme! I love bugs, and your are fab. I especially like the Van Gogh:-)

  21. What a great day you had - and such fun making beautiful things out of scraps. I'm so impressed at what you can do with small pieces! I LOVE it all. hugs, donna

  22. Wow, wunderschön, und gleich so viele ;)


  23. My you have gone to town on this project Valerie and all of the makes are terrific. A wonderful idea to cut parts of your artwork into Moo shapes.

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie x

  24. Fabulous colourful moos Valerie and love the little folder you made - a great idea.
    Thank I should have stayed in bed today - very windy, cold and wet here!
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  25. Not much different here, Fliss, much too cold for May!

  26. Just love all your moos and moo holder. Did you have a template for your book? I really like the idea.

  27. What amazing moos! love the Van-Gogh one Dxx

  28. Valerie how is it possible to get so much gorgeousness onto such a small space I am gobsmacked at your creativity even after all this time. Amazingly beautiful work


  29. Beautiful art work ...!!

    hugs doris


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