Saturday, 30 January 2010

Thank you Gina....

For this lovely blog award.

Now I must tell three things I should (would) never do :
I should never throw my nightdress into the toilet
I should never paint my toilet seat with Eddings
I should never go out in my PJs, especially if I want to go shopping at Tesco's!

The three people who I have chosen to get the award are Alyson (Crafting to stay sane) Joanne (Take life by the hand) and Tania (Tartantaz). So please start thinkig about those three things that you would NEVER do!!!


  1. pmsl i cant believe you did that with your nightie, you'd best change in the bedroom from now on. i can see you in tesco's in your pjs, shouting "wheres the currant buns?" lol lol
    gina xxxxxxxxx

  2. Have you really done all those things?? The mind boggles!

  3. LOL val, trust you, (you didn't wear your PJ to tesco's though did you?)

    maria x

  4. ROFL Val! Great list of don'ts!
    Sue xx

  5. Maria, no! There is no Tesco's in Germany! Sue, don't be jealous, not everyone has my talents!

  6. Thank you so much for the lovely award, Im now only just getting round to putting it on my blog, sorry. Id forget my head if it wasnt screwed on lol Having said that I dont have time to do it right this moment in time Im heading out to buy a pedal bike woo hoo lol I will do it when I come back home later today.

    T x

  7. Hi, Tania, try wearing a scarf, should keep your head knotted on to your shoulders! I love my bike, too, looking forward to spring and bike rides again.


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