Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Girls rule....

Spent the last 2 days helping a friend move into her new Surgery where she is *setting up shop*. We bought mounds of things by IKEA, and much to my surprise, they even fitted into my Panda, thanks to B's skills in packing. Yesterday we were 4 *girls* at work, screwing, drilling, assembling, hanging things up, putting things away etc, was fun doing the work, enjoying each other's company and watching things progress from empty rooms through mounds of boxes and packages to the first *taking shape*. And R, one of the girls, had made us wonderful mini sandwiches with home-made bread for lunch, which we very much enjoyed, and there was coffee galore and sekt to wash it down, so the fun part didn't come too short. And although I am really scared of driving in bad weather, I managed the drive there and back with no mishaps, even had my head clear enough to enjoy the white sparkly boughs on the trees and hedges, and the glittery,icy sheen on the little roads round here....Sometimes B is right, I can do more than I think! And in the evening I managed to get my washing done. Not ususally hard, but the washing machine here is in the cellar and I live on the second floor, so have to run up and down three flights of stairs each time, so after washing and drying three machines - white, dark, and the things which are already ruined with other colours in the third one! - I was feeling fit. Fit to drop onto my sofa, with a glass of pro-secco and amarol, where I spent the rest of the evening watching Dr House (glad he is not my doctor!) and CSI Miami. Not my favourite programme either, but I LOVE the way Horatio looks out from under his eyelids!
This morning I got woken up by an ex-colleague, who could not understand why I was grumpy at being woken at 10 a.m. - hells bells, I am a retired lady of leisure, and entitled to stay in bed as long as I like, especially after screaming with laughter over Stephanie Plum's escapades and witty sayings half the night!
Now, although it is half past one, I am still sitting here in a long nightdress, that once had a pink floral pattern, and has now been reduced to soft, mottled tones of floor-mop grey, long wooly socks, sheepskin slippers (that smell like decaying sheep when I take them off), a knitted cap and my fleece dressing-gown. Look like Garfield dressed up as Scrooge, but as nobody knows it doesn't matter.
But now it's time for the good intentions. Going to get dressed in my housework outfit, tidy away all the scrappy things strewn through all rooms, and then start cleaning....this could take some time, so, till then - watch this space!


  1. yeah girl power val... well done to all of you and for you doing your washing too....

    a well deserved pj day today I think...

    maria x

  2. Thanks Maria, just had a lovely relaxing bath after cleaning my flat (write the date RED in the calendar, please!). IT's so tidy I'm wondering where I am....

  3. you all did really well, although it was hard work, i bet you enjoyed yourselves too. and a few laughs in between.
    good luck with the housework.
    hugs gina xxxx

  4. Thanks Gina, the housework is finished, I have had a bath and my tea, and now it's time to relax!

  5. Go for it girls!!!
    Loving your blog Val, and thank you for being a follower on mine. Your slide shows are amazing!!! Love it all!!
    Suzie xxxx :)

  6. Glad you are enjoying it, Sue, it does me good to sort things out in my poor, confused old head!


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