Sunday, 10 January 2010

Old friends re-found....

I DID IT!!!! I have managed to clear my desk. Thought I would need a bagger to get rid of all the rubble and archaeological remains which have heaped up on it since I last scrapped there. I pulled on my elbow-length rubber gloves, took an extra strong plastic bag in my left hand and started. Found lots of old friends hiding there. Some nice piccies of my last dog, Scruffy. The angel-wings which I bought to use on Xmas cards. Lots of buttons, brads, flowers, paper-clips, pieces of ribbon, Easter decorations (just in time!), 3 Labellos in different stages of going off, a dried out stamping pad, my camera which I have been looking for for at least half a year, embellishments galore, 3,70€ in small change, you name it, I found it. No, I did not put all those treasures into the bin-bag, but sorted them lovingly into the right boxes, which were, strangely enough, mostly empty. And I found 3 (yes, THREE) spiders, probably relations of Freddie and Frieda. One was already dessicating, the other two got flattened ready for the journey to the big web-in-the-sky for the re-union with their family and friends up there. Then I cleaned the floor. I got out my steam broom and steamed the floor hygienically clean, which was necessary after I had removed so many families of dust-bunnies. The floor now has the same pleasant beech-wood tone as the living room, I think I had forgotten that. The desk has been moved to a space near the door, where it is nicer to sit, but I will have to keep it tidy....and the storage units have been hidden in the corner next to the wardrobe, where the desk was before. Anyone casually going past the bedroom on the way to the bathroom will not be able to see into this corner which makes it predestinated for a good stash hideaway. And there was even enough space for my spare bums in the corner! I still have to sort and tidy some of the drawers in the storage units, but I think I have done enough for the time being. I wish you all a good start to the week, and hope that the weather will soon give us a break. But bad weather is at least wonderful for clearing up and scrapping.


  1. Aw..what a darling Scruffy was!

    That is one beautiful desk Valerie, all the nicer for being so tidy...and your drawers and boxes look so neat too! Welldone, I bet you feel a lot better now.....time to messy it all up again lol!
    Keep warm and safe Valerie!
    Sue x

  2. I've already started messing it ust a bit though, and I will clear up again later. Scruffy was a darling, that's true. The desk is from my great-grandmother, so deserved to be polished occasionally

  3. WOW val your room looks great, had to smile at the heading then saw the picture of your dog, as thought you had found him under all the mess, lol... (he does look a sweetie though)...

    Now enjoys some 'me' time in crafting...

    maria x

  4. Thanks Maria, Scruffy was really a sweetie, now I'v hung her piccie up again!

  5. Great Job! Your room looks wonderful now - neat and clean. The desk ist beautiful. I didn't know you hid a dog underneath the desk ... :)
    Scruffy looks like a darling. I am happy that you found the pics.


  6. I had enough wild life hidden there to start a safari park!

  7. it looks fabulous vall, and i adore your cupboard the wood is beautiful. i love furniture like that and so solid.
    scruffy, looks wonderful im glad you found your pics. and finding your old camera bonus. we never know what we can find when we are tidying.
    gina xxxxx

  8. Val oh my you have been cleaning and sorting in a major way Yoor cupboard is wonderful I love the grain on it Scruffy looks such a charmer, so glad you have found his photos and so many other things while tidying

    alma x

  9. Fab Val!! It all looks very neat and tidy, loving all those bums and bods too, lol! Scruffy was soooo cute too!!
    Suzie xxxx :)

  10. Thanks Girls, Scruffy was really the best dog anyone could have.


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