Sunday, 3 January 2010

Soft and noiseless world....

Woke up this morning very late, no traffic noises, no planes, just quiet everywhere. Looked out of the window and found the answer - snow everywhere, sun shine and icy temperatures. Just added some photos taken at dusk, and one of the wood pigeons resting in *my* tree. It's just starting to snow again, looks beautiful, but I am glad I am viewing it from the comfort of my warm living room.


  1. it looks beautiful valerie. i hope it doesnt cause to many problems for you.
    gina xxxxxxxxx

  2. Today I am not travelling further than my bath tub, we'll see what it's like tomorrow!

  3. Beautiful views Valerie...especially from the warmth of your bath tub lol!
    Sue x

  4. What stunning views glorious photos that would make lovly christmas cards for next year

    I hope the snow goes before you next need to go out enjoy your bath

  5. Ooh! How lovely Val - esp. when you don't have to venture out into it!
    Sue xx

  6. WOW fab photos val, especially when your in the cosy of your own home, enjoy...

    maria x


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