Friday, 15 January 2010

Getting screwed....

Well, don't be disappointed, but this is probably NOT about what you may be thinking. Last night I couldn't sleep again, so decided to get on with my crafting. Whilst getting things out of my scrap cupboard - actually it's my wardrobe, but somehow the scrappy things have taken over, and in the meantime my clothes all look scrappy too, as they are bundled up into the smallest compartment to make space for the important things in life - I spotted an album, which I thought would be good for a few LOs. Took it out, and saw why I haven't used it - somebody (????) had taken out all of the page protectors. No problem - I found a pile, got my screwdriver and unscrewed the album. Spent the next ten minutes on my hands and knees, crawling over the floor with a little torch looking for the screw I had lost. Thankful to say I found it after kneeling on it. The screw did not get damaged, I'm not so sure about my knee. By then it was nearly 2 a.m., I have hardly slept all week, my finger-tip skills had dropped to an all time low, and my frustration tolerance level was sub-zero. Took the album, after clearing enough space on the table to put it there, fumbled the page protectors - why are they always so slippery? Why do they fall under the sofa when they drop off the table? Why are transparent page protectors so hard to see on the floor? Why do they attract dust better than swiffers? - onto the screws, and tried to get the top parts of the screws screwed back in. 2.30 a.m. and almost finished. Then I saw the pile of cardboard strips which should have been alternating with the page protectors. I refrained from screaming as it was in the middle of the night. Start all over again! Unscrew screws. Page protector. Cardboard strip. Page protector. Cardboard strip. Page strip. Cardboard protector....they just didn't all fit on the screws. Rootled in the draw and found some little tubes to lengthen the screws. Fumbled them into the album. Page protector. Cardboard strip. Page protector. Cardboard strip....up to ten of each. 3 a.m. and still trying to get screwed. Why didn't that last screw fit any more? 3.15 a.m. - DONE!! There's a title on the front of the album - *Happy Days* (that title is so sick it sucks!). But with the title at the front, the page protectors had the openings at the bottom. 3.30 a.m. Put the album back in my scrap-robe, under a large pile of other things. I can't even throw it away without having to get it unscrewed to separate paper and plastic for the dual system recycling bins. If I ever find it again, please remind me about sleepless nights, lost screws, bottoms up and a lot of frustration....


  1. ROFL (sorry Val!).
    May it stay hidden for a very long time.
    Sparkles for better sleep this weekend.
    Sue xx

  2. It was NOT funny at the time, Next time I will buy an album with different fittings!

  3. you poor thing, i bet you were mad, going through that and all for nothing.
    but sorry vall, i had a giggle too.
    gina xxxxxxxx

  4. Glad it gave you a giggle Gina, I am glad to see you posting again!

  5. Well, I am ashamed to admit that your description of getting screwed made me laugh out loud, Val. I'm sure it wasn't funny while you were fighting sleep and fighting with what we from mow on may call scrapper's hell. But you know, still it's funny.


    P.S. Let me give you a bandaid and an ointment for your knee.

  6. Thanks B, I could do with it, there is a cut on my knee from that screw! Don't be ashamed, glad it gave you a laugh!

  7. LOL val, sorry you made me laugh too, thanks I needed it, shame you had to suffer for it though...

    sparkles for your knee
    maria x

  8. 'Upside down'...OMG the final straw! I think you should pop your doomed album into the boot of your car....then on one of those days when you get lost in the countryside far away from home - find the nearest bin and chuck it in there! Hopefully you will never be able to find that bin again, so will be unable to retrieve it and have another go!
    Sleepy sparkles for you Valerie! Sue x

  9. Thanks for laughing with me! The best way to get over things like that is to laugh at them!


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