Sunday, 20 December 2009

The sounds of silence...

I woke up this morning (afternoon)at 12.20, I couldn't believe my eyes that it was so late. And as I listened to the sounds of the morning, I realised there were none. No faint sounds of the planes taking off or landing at the airport, no traffic, nothing. Then I got out of bed and looked - snow, everywhere snow. A thick white blanket of powdery snow covering the ground, the trees - and even my balcony. Never had that before, the wind must be blowing hard from the east to blow it there, my chairs and table looked so surreal sitting there with this coating of perfect, glistening white. Before I start getting sentimental, and to make it quite clear, I DO NOT like snow. Looking at it, yes. Pictures and post-cards, yes, very pretty. But I neither like going out in it nor driving in it. Of course, sometimes I have to. Last year it snowed at Xmas and stayed for weeks, so had to take my daily walk stomping through the snow along the Rhine, wrapped up in multiple layers of warm and wooly clothing, and then a hot coffee in *Café Schuster* in Kaiserswerth to warm up before attempting the way back. (That's the café where I got stung by a wasp back in those lovely hot days of summer) Now it's just the cold that's stinging! I can see three little birds sitting on a branch outside my window, all huddled up and looking a bit sorry for themsleves, poor things. At least I am sitting inside, next to a hot radiator, and with a big bucket of hot coffee to keep me going.
And what about all the homeless? What must it be like having to be out day and night in weather like this, alone, hungry and probably both desperate and destitute. Poor people, hope they find a shelter for a few nights while it's so bad.
Some are dreaming of a romantic, white Christmas, hope they get it, and can enjoy it. But I'm dreaming of a warm and peaceful Christmas for the whole world. For children in need. Children and adults who are ill. For all those suffering from war, hunger and hate. For all who are alone, ill or sad. *Tis the season to be jolly??* Well, I'm not quite so sure about that.

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