Thursday, 17 December 2009

The First Snow - Well!

After the ice cold weather of the past days and the permanent warnings of the weather men that SNOW was on its way, some fell last night.....It was just about enough to put an icing-sugar powdering on the fields behind our house. It may have been more other places, but that was all that came down here. I am NOT complaining. Snow is always very pretty, love looking at postcards or photos, but it is not nice when you have to drive over the dirty, slippery mess it leaves on the roads. So, I am not dreaming of a white Xmas, just of the time when the sun will be shining all day and I can sit at an outside café and enjoy my coffee without freezing....


  1. it looks lovely valerie, i do agree with you when driving in it. it can be dangerous.
    but i would still welcome a white christmas.
    gina xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh it looks lovely val, but like you, I don't like driving in it... we had a few flurry's when I walked down to get steven off the bus, but nothing to write home about, lol...

    maria x

  3. I don't know anyone who likes driving in it, but the good thingg is now that I don't have to go anywhere if the weather is bad!


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