Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My Smile Award from Sue B

Sue got this award from Donna, because she is always making her smile, No wonder, then Sue writes scandalous stories about sparkly nipples, lady-bird porn and paper bills, to name just a few, Chaos follows her through life leaving a trail of funnies in her wake. And now I have got this award from Sue, together with 4 others because, I quote: *Valerie as she always has a funny story to tell - those darned spiders have kept us very amused lately! Valerie also tells a moving story, and is a constant inspiration with her mind-blowing flow of stunning creations!* (She just hasn't yet realised that my mind blew long ago). And I am choosing for my five award recipients SusieJ,(This Is My World) Alyson (Crafting to keep sane) Joanne (Take life by the hand), Crafty Tracy (who will soon be downloading her buba) and Slightly South of Sanity, whose hilarious antics often keep me amused.
Thanks Sue, thanks to all who make us smile even when the world is sometimes sad,mad and bad.


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  2. congratulations on your award val, well deserved, I loved your story about your 7 legged friends and he's family, lol...

    love your christmas looking blog too...

    maria x


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