Friday, 18 December 2009

Goethe's secret tales....

Yesterday evening I made the Chanukkah supper for B and her Mum. Managed to clear enough stash out of the kitchen to have room to lay the table and sit down, grated potatoes galore, this time without taking the skin off my knuckles, chopped the onions, added all the *secret* ingredients and started frying. (No, I was just doing the frying, not being fried.) Got the *latkes* all fried beautifully, rolled the smoked salmon slices, put the crème fraiche into a bowl, I don't think I forgot anything this time. By the time the guests arrived I had the feeling that I smelt like a big latke myself, but supper was ready. Before we ate, I lit the Chanukkah candles, said the blessings and sang *Maos Zur*, a beautiful Chanukkah song, and translated it all for my visitors. Was lovely to have company and not be alone. We enjoyed our meal, which, much to my surprise - as I am not a good cook - tasted delicious (I ask you, how stupid would you have to be if you were NOT able to get such a simple dish on the table?!) and sat for a long time drinking coffee and eating German Xmas biscuits. I wanted to serve ice for dessert, but we were all full up - enough is sooner or later enough! We talked for ages, telling stories, reading poems and trying to guess the authors, and just enjoying each other's company. I don't have a Xmas tree, but I do have some glass baubles which I have been given in the course of the years, and *Goethe*, my flat mate (see picture) has also been decked out for the season of festivities. All in all, a lovely evening with good company, presents, nice food, and the feeling of understanding and being understood. If *Goethe* could hear and speak, I wonder what he would have had to tell?


  1. it all sounds so beautiful valerie. even the after dinner games. im so glad you all had a lovely time, and enjoyed your celebration.
    and your friend looks beautiful in all his glory.
    gina xxxxxxxx

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening Val. Your meal is making me peckish!
    Sue xx

  3. Good, next time you can come, too, that would be fun!!


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