Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Sightseeing in Düsseldorf and aggressive scrap

Yesterday was my birthday, and although it was a cold and snowy day, I really enjoyed it. My best friend B courageously battled her way through the snowy countryside and over frozen roads to get here to breakfast with me. I don't know if I would have dared the drive in that weather, but she did, and it is something I very much appreciate. In the afternoon my friend Dani came to eat some birthday cake with me, and we enjoyed a nice couple of hours together talking about God and the world by coffee, cocoa, cake and pro-secco. Lots of people rang up to congratulate me, others sent mails, many of my friends from England sent cards and presents which warmed my heart. Thank you all. My family kept their distance and left me alone - another big thank you!! And yesterday evening we had a virtual birthday / Christmas party on the DC Scrapbooking Forum with fantasy dates, food and drink, making a bizarre society ranging from George Clooney and Hagrid to Westlife and Alex-the moonlight-vampire. *Fingerfood* and *Katzpiss* wine from Alma rounded the evening off nicely. A funny evening in the company of nice ladies, who felt very near even though we were all sitting in different towns and countries. Thanks to Gina who organised it, and to all who joined in the fun.
Today was back to normal. I had promised to go to *Bettypepper*, our new scrap-café, to talk about my scrap course in the new year. I didn't feel like driving through the town with the chaotic pre-Xmas traffic enhanced by icy roads, slushy pavements and missing parking lots. So I went by tram and bus. No problem. The tram stop is just along the road, and after 2 stops I changed to the bus, which even came on time (a modern day wonder, in spite of snow and ice!) and off we went. The bus evidently does a sightseeing tour of all the districts of Düsseldorf that I have never seen, never wanted to see, and never want to see again! All in all it took 1 1/2 hours! The bus kept filling up with new passengers, who mysteriously disappeared a few stops later, to be replaced by others. But the passengers were friendly, and chatty -could it be that a little Xmas feeling has rubbed off on them? That a little bit of *peace on earth good will to all men* had come down to the 730 bus? Even on the way back the bus and tram were on time, no waiting. And I must admit, I did enjoy my outing a bit, although travel with bus and tram is usually on my *problems to be avoided* list and not listed under the things I like. But I think it's important for me to do things even if the weather is bad, instead of thinking up excuses, and I hope in the coming year I will be able to see more things as a challenge, as an adventure, instead of as problem to be avoided.
And of course, while I was in the scrap-café, those strange phenomena that all scrappers know happened - things flew from the shelves into my basket, and I felt obliged to buy them. Tattered Angels, Tim Holtz, My Mind's Eye - need I say more?


  1. im so glad you had a lovely birthday, and b getting to you was the icing on the cake. especially with all the snow you had.
    i hope your flat is warmer today. i enjoyed last night at our virtual party too. alex has only just left. lol
    well you had an adventure today, i cant believe you were on the bus for so long. plus you bought stash for your birthday, perfect!
    enjoy your evening.
    hugs gina xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks Gina, and thanks for being such a good friend!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Val!
    Sounds like you had a good day.
    And well done for buying stash - it's funny how it just flies into baskets isn't it?!
    Sue xx

  4. It sure is - I think someone should research this and publish the results!


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