Monday, 27 August 2018

T stands for Time / Clocks

Hi Everybody!

Hope your weekend was good - have a great week!
G and I visited a friend who was feeling poorly yesterday. After that we went for a walk in the woods, which was great. Walking under trees is always something very special.

On Tuesday we are beginning a new challenge at 

Our theme has been chosen by the lovely Joan, and it is
⏰Time /Clocks.⌚
Tags of all formats are all allowed, and I hope to see lots of people joining in again. I made a large tag using  scrap card from some packaging. The background was stenciled with some time/steampunk motives using old paper DI. The stamps used are from Paper Artsy.  The sentiment is from TH:

Today is also time for Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday, so here a warm welcome to all of the lovely ladies of the T Gang. My drink is, as almost always, cappuccino, served with lemon cake:

This is the wonderful painting Jeanie made of my cappuccino, isn't it fantastic?

Yesterday we went walking in the woods in Duisburg, a neighbouring town where H lives. A local artist, Regina Bartholome, created these wooden statues:

The path through the woods leads up to an open air chapel in a clearing:

The text says, 'praise the Lord, all who have breath'. Services are held here on a regular basis:

Then we walked further :

This is a spring, which is unfortunately almost completely dried up as there has been almost no rain these past months. Usually it flows away down the hill:

I love the log piles, and am sure they make a great home for many small insects and animals:

And I got the feeling that this tree was watching me:

We saw some toadstools, too, but I think they, too, need more rain and moisture to grow properly:

 On Friday evening we had a wonderful moon:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Hi Valerie love your tag ,it looks fantastic,wow love the places that you visit ,great pics my friend,thankyou for sharing xx

  2. Hi Val, that's a great tag you made, love the colours. Those birds are really quirky! Glad you had a trip to the woods yesterday. Love the statues on the trees, what an unusual but very striking idea. I'm sure you are enjoying the cooler weather! We are, too. Great photos, love the moon! Have a good week, hugs, Sarah

  3. Fun tag. I like how the clock hands look a bit like skeleton keys to unlock those beautiful moments. Your friends still life of your dishes is awesome. Pretty walk through the woods. i always get the feeling I'm being watched when walking through the woods. Your moon photos are spectacular.

  4. That was a beautiful tag, and had a steampunk feel to it as well as the clocks. I loved the monochromatic color palette, too.

    Those tree sculptures were most unusual, and that forest was unusual. I was so impressed that you found the alter and services area. So unique and beautiful.

    You have been blessed by Jeanie's lovely painting, and your own cappuccino and cake look fabulous. What a lovely post you shared with us. Your stunning art, your fabulous photos of the forest, the moon shots, and your cappuccino and Jeanie's drawing are perfect for T this week.

  5. I had to write the first message twice because blogger wouldn't publish it the first time. I hate rework (grin).

  6. Brilliant tag and amazing journey through your pictures.xx

  7. Lovely page, your lemon cake and cappuccino look so good. What a wonderful walk, gorgeous photos.

  8. Wow Look at the photos of that moon! Gorgeous!!
    What a cool tag about time! I dig those little birdies things!
    Happy Monday!
    hugs,Jackie xx

  9. Wooww what a wonderful tag Valerie !! It´s fabulous, love these papers, the stamps and the sentiment, really beautiful!! This cappuccino may be delicious with the lemon cake, and the card from you friend is lovely.
    Thank you very much for sharing those so fantastiques photographs, yes, I also think that tree was watching you :D
    Lovely moon too. I wish you a very nice afternoon, big hugss, Caty

  10. Beautiful tag Valerie...I love everything about it!
    Oh how I love the woods and that lovely stone altar.
    The most beautiful chapels are created by God and Mother Nature.
    Yummmmm, on the "cappuccino, served with lemon cake."
    Those moon photos...FANTASTIC and so MAGICAL!!!

    Big Hugs~

  11. Happy New Week! What a wonderful collection of photos -- such beautiful country. I find the woods quite peaceful. And I know your friend was pleased with your visit.

    Thank you for showing my painting, too! And your tablesetting looks just wonderful today!

  12. hi val,

    ooohh dein tag ist ja soo klasse,und die bilder aus diesen märchenwald gefallen mir besonders,diese tolle künstlerin hat wunderschöne baumfiguren angebracht,was für eine super idee und si magisch und traumhaft.
    mmmh,lecker lemon cake,hatte ich auch gerade gebacken,bei mir war zitronenglasur und noch bunte streuseln drauf,ich habe davon auch ein bild gemacht und stell es mal ein,schatzi hat ihn fast allein verputzt *LOL*
    das bild von deiner cappuccino tasse ist so großartig gemalt.
    ich wünsch dir noch einen schönen abend,liebe valerie,ich habe donnerstag burzeltag und muss noch einiges vorbereiten,ich werde 50!

    hugs jenny

  13. Fabulous tag and your friend made a nice painting. hugs, Teresa

  14. Great post Valerie. Loved the imagery on your tag, and the yummy looking cake and the trees and forest look such a peacefuul place to enjoy. Lovely photos.
    Have a great week.
    Gill xx

  15. Fabulous photos of your walk in the woods, Valerie. Your friend's cappuccino painting is fantastic indeed. Love your tag. Those heads on bird bodies are weird enough to mesmerize the viewer. Well, at least this viewer.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  16. Love the tag Valerie (I had one for the last challenge but too late to post it!!) Cappuccino and lemon cake will do for me too - but I will just take a small triangle from it and you can have extra! The wood looks to be a really interesting place to visit and you had sunshine too! Jeanie's sketch of your cup is fabulous - what a great thing to do! Haven't see the moon for ages!! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  17. Your tag is beautiful, the gift of the painting is amazing, that cookie looks real,, your walk is so lovely,,I enjoy my visit here so much

  18. great tag and theme for Tag Tuesday. And I have to say I am loving that beautiful lemon tray along with that gorgeous illustration by Jeanie!! Your nature walks and photos are always so beautiful, and that full moon-love. Happy T day!

  19. Fabulous tag Valerie. And wow. Jeanie really made a fantastic painting of your cup. She even added the cookies you often have. :) I think your lemon cake looks really delicious. And wow, what a moon photo. You got a great shot. Funny how you had such a dry summer and we had such a wet summer. It's just been unusual so many places this year. have a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  20. Love the tag and the sentiment. What a lovely walk through the woods you took us on today.
    Happy T day!

  21. What a beautiful tag. I like the rather strange female images. The theme is a good one:time. Very appropriate at the end of the summer when you really realize how time flies.
    Your cappuccino and lemon cake looks crummy. Just what I need at the moment. Wow that painting of your coffee cup by Jeannie is so good!
    A walk in the woods is always restorative. I love the sculptures.
    The open air chapel is wonderful. A great way to praise the Lord.
    I really enjoyed coming with you for a walk in the woods. Thank you.
    Happy TDay,

  22. Sorry I misspelt. I meant ‘scrummy’ of course.

  23. Great tag, loved the painting made for you, your lemon cake looks so pretty in your photo, and I really enjoyed all of the nature photos-especially the chapel area and sculptures.
    thanks for sharing-your photos are always so beautiful
    happy T

  24. Fabulous tag! I love the stamps that you used 😁. The painting of your cup is amazing and that lemon drizzle cake looks very tempting - yum! I enjoyed walking with you too and wow, that moon is so beautiful 😁. Happy T Day! Hugs J 😊 x

  25. Ein sehr schönes Tag, liebe Valerie, um den Zitronenkuchen beneide ich Dich ein wenig. Deine Fotos sind sensationell - wie immer

  26. How nice of you to visit with a friend who was feeling poorly... And i agree .. a walk in the woods was exactly what was called for! Lovely photos... i'm so glad you shared.. We've had quite a bit of rain and our toadstools and mushrooms are abundant.. I just love Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  27. My son-in-law loves trays -he uses them when they eat on the couch in from of the TV- and I can't help but admire yours. I think your lemon cake would be good with my coffee right now ;) The little cookies Jeanie put with your cup would also be nice. She did a lovely job on that cup, didn't she! I love walks in the woods, and those statues would certainly add extra interest to the path. I don't know any churches that meet in the open like this. It would be a peaceful setting for worship, I'd think. I think it's been dry everywhere this season. I'm wondering what effect it'll have on fall color. You got great shots of that moon! My phone just doesn't cut it for that, so I'm always happy to see photos other folks take. Happy T Tuesday!

    1. Lemon cake definitely goes well with coffee. I use my lemon tray a lot, it was a gift from a neighbour who died.

  28. I love those strange PaperArtsy birds, and they look great telling the time here. Thank you for sharing your wonderful walk in the woods - I do agree about the magic of walking under trees. And the moon looks astonishing.
    Alison x

  29. A beautiful tag, Valerie! Those images are fabulous. The open air chapel is such a magical setting. And I love the verse! I also really like those wooden statues on the trees. So unique. Another beautiful walk.
    Your dishware is so pretty. I love the blue and white pattern!
    Happy Tea Day,

  30. A fantastic tag Valerie, I really like those steampunk style birds.
    The woodland walk must have been lovely , the chapel is is a beautiful setting, it looks so peaceful and tranquil there.
    Happy T day wishes and if I could steal a piece of that yummy lemon cake I would,
    Yvonne xx

  31. What a lovely tag! The sentiment and artistry are so beautiful. Your photos are so captivating and the painting of your cup by your friend is so very pretty.

  32. Oh I love your tag, these are such quirky little bird people. You live in such a fabulous place, it always looks so unspoilt and as if people take such good care of things. Enjoy your cappuccino, and that lemon cake yum! xx

  33. I love your tag! Beautiful! Love the words you used too!
    Yummy cake and coffee! My mouth is watering! LOL! Love the painting that was done for you! So pretty!
    Gorgeous forest pictures! I love the outside area to pray. That tree looking at you was fun! LOL! Gorgeous moon photos! Big Hugs!

  34. What a wonderful walk in the woods …
    That first moon picture is amazing.

    All the best Jan

  35. What amazing moon shots! I totally can see why you felt like that tree was watching you. It looks like a tree creature. :)

    Your first piece really speaks to me. Beautiful work!


  36. Fab tag Valarie...loved looking through your woodland photos too..I love trees..xx

  37. I love your tag - such great color and stamps!!!

  38. Beautiful textures in this post - I love walking with you, Valerie! Your feathered twins are marvellous and are just the highlight of this beautiful tag.

  39. Gorgeous tag and a fabulous walk in the woods. I love lemon drizzle cake.


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