Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tags and Trees

Hi everybody!

We had another warm and sunny day here, great for walking. Tomorrow will be cooler and probably wet, we've got bad weather coming to us from the British Isles! I can understand my countrymen not wanting to keep the weather there, but please, folks, send it in a different direction next time, okay?
I have to go for a day of examinations at the local hospital tomorrow, so I will be round to visit your blogs when I get back.

I made these tags over the weekend. I used scrap card and covered it with a paper napkin showing a detail from Michelangelo's  'The creation of Adam' from the Sistine Chapel. I divided it into two pieces, which I matted with blue and brown cardstock. I added some fragments of old letters, and used my diamond stencil to texture the sides. I used a mix of embossing paste, bead gel and terracotta paint. (I can't recommend this mixture, it was way too sticky!) When it was dry I added some gilding flakes in between (I am totally addicted to them) and glittered the embossed parts with stickles in blue and cinnamon. I added the text by hand. I punched eyelets into the top and threaded some fibres through, using beads from broken jewelry to pick out some of the colours. The tags are each 8" high.

Today I was fascinated by the size and fullness of the trees, they are just magnificent. This one looks like it has three legs:

The hay is drying on the meadows by the Rhine:

And this little guy was kind enough to land right at my feet for a photo:

Have a great day, take care, and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Fabulous tags Valerie and such a lovely theme too. Love your photos as well.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  2. Gorgeous tags, Val, love how you have used the paper napkins. Great colour scheme, too! Take care tomorrow, hugs, Sarah

  3. The colours would so beautifully, giving that stunning Renaissance feel.

  4. Super tags. Hope we don't send too much bad weather over. Apart from one shower of rain we've had another lovely day. x

  5. ... Jake the Peg, with the extra leg ..... Sorry, silly moment! Beautiful tags Valerie with a lovely sentiment. Good luck for tomorrow! Xxx

  6. A fantastic pair of tags, the words are lovely. As for the rain, we just have to share it, and those flowers photos in your previous post, may just need a little water to help them grow. Hope tomorrow goes well for you.
    Yvonne xx

  7. WOW,wunderwunderschöne tags hast du gemacht,mir gefällt auch die Diamond stencil so gut,deine Mixtur gibt dem ganzen einen Rennaisance feeling,richtig klasse.
    der Baum mit den drei Beinen ist ja irre,sowas hab ich noch nie gesehen,wünsch dir für morgen alles gute und drück die Daumen *knuddel*

    GLG Jeannette

  8. I love your tags design and how you made the cover with paper napkin so interesting. I ike your photos too.
    Hugs, Mar

  9. Your Tags looks wonderful. And I also like the quotes you used on them. Wonderful photos once again. I do hope everything is alright with you!


  10. I love these beautiful tags. You have used napkins so cleverly and they look so lovely.
    Hope you are allright, Valerie,

  11. good luck with the examinations. Beautiful tags and sentiments. Magnificent trees indeed.

  12. Wonderful tags with powerful images of the hands.

    Great photos as always and I think you must attract little creatures they come so close for your photographs

    Still raining here so hope it doesn't come your way

    Thinking of you today-good luck

    Love Chrissie x

  13. wunderschöne Tags Valerie und imposante Bäume sind das.. und der Riesenbrummer erinnert mich irgendwie an den faulen Willi bei der Biene Maja....
    obwohl er kein Grashüpfer ist...
    schöne Tag Dir !

  14. Beautiful tags and words, love your tree photographs as well. Take care, Shirleyx

  15. Beautiful tags, Valerie, and as always I am fascinated by your many techniques.
    That's a great photo of the avenue of trees and the photo of the insect, well caught.
    I hope all went well today.

  16. Hope all goes well. Great words on your tags. Love the drops of beads. xox

  17. Your tags are just so pretty, love the design and how they interact! Thanks for your sweet comment, take care, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  18. Your tags are stunning, I love all the texture in the diamond stencils and the torn bits of paper add so much interest to an already gorgeous set of tags. Hope all went well for you. Big hugs, ~Diane

  19. Your tags have great meaning today as well as being beautiful. Loved the new photos. Trees are magnificent when green and healthy and the row of trees is a great photo. Best to you tomorrow when you go for your tests.


  20. Hi Valerie, Lovely tags. I have always loved this image of the hands. Wonderful quote!! Your trees are amazing. What a wonderful photo from your walks and the sweet dragon fly was a bonus. I think he landed there to let you know, all will be okay!! Wishing you best regards on your exam at the hospital.
    Thoughts and prayers!

  21. Such Beautiful tags , I adore the images on the napkins...the texture & colours are simply perfect... Love them both..Gorgeous trees too... Hugs May x x

  22. Well, it might have been a sticky mixture - however it did make the most incredibly beautiful tags! (With your help of course). Nice to see the hay drying in the fields. Beautiful shot of the firefly. I'm busy making marmalade! I'll let you know how it turns out. take care. hugs, Donna

    1. Woohoo for you! Hope it tastes gooood!

  23. So very beautiful - wonderful idea - fantastic sentiment.
    Sandy xx

  24. Und noch so zwei tolle Tags - ich bin begeistert. Klasse, wie du die Libelle eingefangen hast.


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