Sunday, 29 September 2013

Happy Mail

Hi everybody!
We have had some pleasant, Autumn weather the past few days - cold nights (bed-sock cold), frost and mist in the morning, and perfect weather for walking during the day.
I love the sky in the early morning just before sunrise, it looked like it had been freshly washed.

And these guys were really friendly and came over to the fence to say hello.

And on Saturday, when I went down to my mail-box, I found a giant parcel from Donna in it, all the way from Mexico. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you! She seems somehow to know that I like Halloween! I wonder what my neighbours thought of all my squeaking and screaming as these lovely things came out of the parcel one by one?

Halloween stamps - yummy!

loads of Halloween papers, one lovelier than the other....

A wall hanging made by Miz Donna personally, which is already hanging in my arty kitchen....
(love those pumpkins, especially the bad tempered looking ones!)

Lots of creative scraps - delicious!

And I couldn't stop grinning and squeaking when I saw these spiders and skulls with wobbly eyes - just fantastic!

And some large postcards . these will make wonderful covers for mini-books!

Lots of gorgeous stamps to play with!

A packet full of die cuts waiting to be used, and the 'wastes', which I love to use as templates.

Cards printed with Donna's wonderful paintings:

And a packet of mixed pieces for collage.

Now, this parcel made me very happy, and I am looking forward to playing with it, so I'll sign off now and get to work!
Thanks again Donna, you are sooooooo kind!

Have a good day you all, take care, and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. lovely to see your beautiful autumn photographs

    such a special package you got and all the way from Mexico!
    i love how it is covered in stamps~

  2. What a gorgeous parcel, how kind of Donna. Love the cards from her paintings, too. Great Autumn photos, those horses seem to like company! Hugs, Sarah

  3. What a wonderful gift from your generous friend, Donna! I can't wait to see some of your creations made with these goodies!

  4. Enjoy your 'happy mail', look forward to seeing your makes.
    Super photos as well.
    Yvonne x

  5. lovely gifts, so happy for you! And great photos.

  6. Oh my gosh. Just look at all that happy mail. You scored big time my friend.. Love your wonderful photos.


  7. WOW that was an awesome package of goodies ! LOVE the Tim Holtz Halloween stamps. The sunrise photo is gorgeous. I love it when the sky looks like that. If you have horses close by you must be out in the country. We have cows & horses up the road...... Enjoy your goodies :) Shirleyx

  8. And it is not even Christmas! What a lovely surprise from Donna and it all looks like such great fun! Beautiful pictures and I so love that sky! Have a lovely week!

  9. I thought it was Halloween, not Christmas! What a fabulous parcel of goodies, I love the googly eyed spiders and skulls and Donna's artwork is fab, LOVE the sheep. Have a wonderful day! Xx

  10. Your photo's are beautiful and what a wonderful parcel, enjoy playing with it.
    xxx Hazel.

  11. Hi Valerie thanks so much for popping by to say hello so glad to see you. Well how generous is Donna what a fantastic fun filled package so much amazing stuff to play with. As for your photographs so so beautiful.


  12. Your sky pictures are beautiful, what a lovely time of the year it is, with the soft light.

  13. What a gorgeous collection! I LOVE the wall hanging, especially the little pumpkin faces! And all those yummy scraps are sure to show up in your Halloween art- can't WAIT!!

  14. Beautiful photo's!!!!Awesome gifts!!!

  15. Wow, I could hear you squealing with delight all the way over here in Michigan! What a wonderful packet of goodies from a really sweet and kind friend Donna. Her wall hanging is is perfect and I love the beautiful cards made from her paintings. You deserve it my friend. ~Diane

  16. Lucky you, what a wonderful present - have fun! Hugs, Barb

  17. WowWhee, that is one luscious lot of happy mail. How super kind of Dona to send you so many things. Looking forward to seeing your creations with them.
    Also, your sky pictures are beautiful. We are enjoying some late Summer sunshine here too, even in the chill air :D

  18. You are a very lucky girl! Donna's paintings are wonderful, now get in there and make something scary :-) xx

  19. We can be walking buddies in spirit. Same crisp cool weather here now. Those horses are gorgeous - how lucky you are to get to see them on your walks! And a wonderful mail day to boot.

  20. **awesome!** Valerie... super fun, halloween treats galore too :]
    Love the photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care ~xx

  21. I am familiar with Donna's art and love her style and use of color. My word Valerie - now that is what I call VERY happy mail!!! I always enjoy your pictures and those horses are gorgeous. Now quit you squeaking and squealing and get to work!!! But I imagine you have already started!! What wonderful postage stamps!!


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