Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Ghost from the Past....

As I am planning a little Halloween party at the weekend, I decided it was time to clear up - looks bad when guests have to put the stash piles on the floor so that they can sit down. The trouble is, that all my drawers and cupboards are full, a problem which is probably known to other addictive scrappers. And the ladies who are coming at the weekend are very tidy and house-proud people - heeeeeeeeeeeelp!
So, I have been clearing and tidying since yesterday afternoon. I have a lot of drawers which haven't been opened or sorted for more than 20 years. When I moved three years ago I just moved the drawers with their contents and planned to clear them up when I had time....Well, the witching hour is here, and I had to start. I have done half of the drawers in my 2 desks, and removed 3 (yes THREE) plastic sacks of rubbish. Old biros, pencils, dried out paints, half used notebooks, bills from the 70s (paid!!), bits and pieces of this and that - the normal detritus that collects in the homes of chaotic crafters. Found some interesting things, too. Photos, old coins from different foreign countries, dried up free samples of cream and make-up, paper, old envelopes, newspaper cuttings, 3 dead & dessicated spiders, enough dust to bathe an elephant, my missing camera, keys and many other objects which I would rather not describe here. But for me the best thing was this photo, taken in Scunthorpe in 1968, where I had my first job as a teacher. I was a member of a local amateur drama group, and we represented our town at the drama festival at the town theatre, playing a piece called *Down the Hatch*, a rather corny murder story. I was a naive & nosey young journalist. Can you find me among the *stars*??
OK, back to tidying, the *bottomless pit* - the hall closet - is waiting for me to find what is lurking in its deep, dark depths.


  1. OMG!!! Are you giving autographs? Must tell Mum to look at this! Hugs, Sarah

  2. Wow Val thats a lot of clearing up........lol
    Is that you on the back row......?
    Take care and don't wear yourself out...
    Annette xx

  3. How's the tidying going Val? Can I have your autograph please?
    Sue xx

  4. The bottomless pit is waiting for me - tomorrow will be the big day! You'll get the autographh on your Xmas card, saves postage!

  5. Wow, this is a scream! Didn't know you were a front page girl!! Hugs, T

  6. oh my goodness and I thought my drawers were messy, but that takes a lot of beating...

    maria x

  7. If I make chaos, I do it thoroughly!


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