Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Revenge on eight legs - Freddie's family is mobbing me!!

After a couple of cold, blustery and wet weeks, we are now enjoying warm winds from the south. And in case you think I'm talking about farting, I'm not! On the one hand, mild weather is good, because it keeps the heating bills down. On the other hand, it has evidently encouraged Freddie's family to hold a wake for him and Frieda. At the moment, 3 (yes, THREE) of them are dangling from the roof of the balcony. As usual, they are directly next to where I am sitting at my computer. And they are hypnotising me to keep looking at them. I can feel their little spidery eyes watching me and see those hairy legs quivering, ready to bugger off to the top if I go outside to splat them. I have my new, yellow spider-splatter at the ready. I banged on the window with it. They never moved an inch. I banged again and they never budged. I KNOW they must be making fun of me, telling me that I can't get rid of them. I opened the door to the balcony and zoooooooooom! They spun off to the top where I couldn't reach them. Before I had time to sit down again, they were dangling in position at my eye-level, reminding me that I murdered two of their family. But I will not be threatened. Tomorrow I will advance to chemical warfare. The dreaded Paral spray is ready on the window ledge. Watch out spiders, the final countdown has begun. High Noon is on its way.


  1. What a laugh, your spiders are obviously taunting you.
    I know we're all supposed to be God's creatures, but I'm sure he slipped up when he made spiders...Ugh!

  2. Val you really must do a LO of this!
    Spider warfare!
    Sue xx

  3. lol lol vall, you need a longer handle on your splatter. fancy them taunting you like that.
    i hope your chemicals do the job.
    gina xxxxxxxxx

  4. LOL - Vall, I am enjoying this little saga so much - perhaos you should try and sell the TV rights to it!!!! I'm sure Stephen King could write the script!!!

  5. Who needs Steven King - I'll write it myself, will be more authentic that way! Ans as I sit here and write, there are still spiders outside!!

  6. I thorough agree with you Valerie - 'the only good spider is a dead spider' lol! Dead and very very flat I would add! Give the hairspray a go, they wont like that one little bit...that'll teach 'em!
    Sue x


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