Thursday, 12 November 2009

Freddie's relations?

Did I say yesterday, *Tomorrow will be another day?* Well, after murdering poor Freddie yesterday evening, just looked out of the window, and there's another one bungee jumping out there at exactly the same spot!! It's a bit bigger than Freddie was, perhaps it's his big sister come to revenge him. I'll give her till tomorrow to spin-off peacefully. When not, she will be meeting Freddie again sooner than she thinks in the big white spider home above the sky. I'm just wondering how many other relations they have?


  1. ha ha ha!! i like your thinking. gina xxxxxx

  2. ROFL - what a great idea for a LO -"Spider's Revenge"!!
    Sue xx

  3. Farewell Freddie...missing your already (not!!!)
    Sue x

  4. Susie, I will have bad dreams thinking about it!!


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