Friday, 20 November 2009

Freddie's Family - the never ending story....

Well, I sprayed half a can of Paral on the places where the spiders were. The wind blew it back into my face, and after I had stopped choking thanks to the speedy use of my asthma spray, I looked outside and saw some cheerful spiders jumping up and down and thumbing their noses at me. What a waste of my good fly spray! After watching the merry antics of F's family for another 24 hours, I asked the girls on the scrapbooking forum over at DC if anyone had a hot tip for me. Sue B told me to try hair spray. As most hair sprays really smell awful, I thought that it was worth trying, even if it only stiffened the hairs on their little legs....Decided to do the evil deed this morning before I left for work. So I sneaked onto the balcony, armed with a pump bottle of super-hold hair lacquer from A*** (guaranteed to fix the most extravagant punky hair styles) and sprayed, under the motto, *Let us spray*. Well, it smelled even worse than the fly spray, but as there was no wind, it arrived at its destination in enemy headquarters. Then, cowardly as I am, I left them to their fate and went to work. I got home again at about 7.30 this evening. No spiders. No bungee jumping in front of my window. OMG, what have I done?? I still have a compulsive urge to look out of the window and see if they are there, but it's all quiet outside.
Anyone got a good tip for cleaning super-hold hairspray off the window??


  1. well i hope there in spider heaven now. and they can bungee jump as many times as they like. lol
    to wash the windows, good old fashioned soapy water and lots of elbow grease. the window cleaner will have to earn his money next week. lol gina xxxxxxxxxxx

    you know the word verication, it was rubso. lol

  2. That word was evidently made extra for it!!

  3. well done val, pleased you got it sorted in the end, and thanks for the tip of hair spray in case I ever need it, lol...

    maria x

  4. There is nothing better than a good deed! Extinguishing a whole family of nasty hairy spiders is certainly one of them. Well done,girl! Now let us hope that these creatures' relatives go back to their original fate and
    stay outside to be eaten by the birds etc. Instead of bungee jumping or car racing or computer games ... :)



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