Saturday, 6 November 2010

GC 75: Random Redhead Challenge - Arches

As I find arches fascinating, I decided to try this challenge, but this time I did something different. I picked my favourite pics out of the slide-show at the bottom, and made them into a virtual collage where the pics get exposed one over the other. I printed the picture onto sticky-backed canvas from Ranger, which I them stuck onto a slightly larger canvas. I used TH inks to distress the sides and edges and parts of the picture. I also stamped the top of an arch at the bottom of the pic, using clear embossing ink and perfect pearls in gold to heat emboss. Then I cut a thin arch out of some scrap paper and stuck it on. Although it is not possible to see each of the arches clearly, I like the effect of light and shadow this has made, and how the arches merge into each other. The pics were taken In Israel in Acco (Acre) and Achsiv. Achsiv is mentioned in the Old Testament, it was a little Phoenician Harbour and village. Today you can swim in the remains of the old harbour, while enjoying the view of the ancient houses, which are set into a wonderful garden leading down to the sea. Acco is also an ancient port, which has been *visited* at various times by the Saracens, the Crusaders, and Napoleon, to name just a few. The old harbour can still be seen, many ancient, twisting streets full of arches, Mosques, houses and the ruins of the wonderful crusader castle. The pics above show (1) the selected pics, (2) the collage, and then the finished picture. Underneath I have made a slide show of some more photos. I think I will be trying this again ! Thanks for looking!


  1. wow very effective val, well done...

    maria x

  2. Great technique Val! Those pics are awesome.
    Sue xx

  3. This is very crafty! Love it! I remember Acco, too, lovely place. Just enjoying a cuppa before the kids wake up - not much peace for the wicked!

  4. Thanks Sarah, have a nice peaceful, Sunday!

  5. I like this very much, something really different, well done! Hugs, T

  6. What a different and effective techique hugs almax


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