Sunday, 21 March 2010

Unicorns and flowers

Well, I should have been busy clearing up and sorting out yesterday. But somehow I got magically drawn to try the stamps and colours I was trying to put away, and ended up with 3 tags and a card. I love unicorns and fairies, even though I (should) know that they don't really exist. But who knows? Anyway, I had fun making these. Now I'm off to do some clearing up, my stamps and inks are still all over the place....


  1. Lovely work again!! Sarah

  2. Beautiful Val - can see why you're having a hard time putting the stamps away.
    Sue xx

  3. Thanks Sue, have just managed to get my travel case filled with inks and stamps and stash!!Who needs clothes?

  4. who needs clothes indeed val, i would rather pack a suitcase full of stamps than clothes.
    beautiful tags vall, i love unicorns.
    gina xxxxxx

  5. I do, too, Gina! Did you see the film *The last Unicorn*?

  6. Hi Val

    I'm one of the many fans of your work but I absolutely adore these tags. Where did you get that unicorn stamp?

    Good luck with the packing and organising for Tuesday missus.



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