Friday, 19 March 2010

Stampin' about....

Spent yesterday stampin' about the kitchen, playing with my new stash. Tried out some of the new stamps etc; alone, or combined with others I already had, and here are the results. I like them all, but the owl has to be my favourite! If I hadn't been sooooo tired I could have gone on all night! The tags have been distressed with TH inks, stamped, and then decorated, as always, with everything-within-reach. Two of the tags have been covered with some ads from an old Lady's magazine from 1901.It is slowly disintegrating, and the paper has become very brittle and yellow, and I am busy scanning some pages to preserve them at least as a memory, and others, which are in a really bad condition, are being scrapped before they turn to dust. Was great fun making them - as always!


  1. Loving that owl! Fab tags (as always) Val. Knew those stamps were yummy.
    Sue xx

  2. Fab tag I agree that owl is wonderful alma xx

  3. Stunning tags as always Valerie...those stamps are simply divine!

    Sue x

  4. Thanks ladies, those stamps are really good, and each packet of inchies has 23 stamps in all, so I still have lots to play with!

  5. all fab as usual val, and yes love the owl too, he's so cute...

    WOW 23 stamps per pack, that is whole lotta stamps...

    maria x

  6. fabulous valerie, i love them.
    gina xxxxxxx


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