Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Tomorrow has to be better....

Today was one of those days which one could scratch out of the calendar and not miss a thing. I had the day off, could have slept late, done something nice. The reality was different, slept badly, woke up with a splitting headache early in the morning and couldn't drop off to dreamland again. Rolled out of bed, fell over a shoe which should have been on the shoe-shelf, put my dressing gown on back to front - well, why not? and staggered to the coffee-maker in the kitchen. Managed to work the machine without it exploding or burning me - wonders never cease - and crept to the computer with my mug of cappuccino, if I did spill some on the carpet I managed to dribble it onto the brown spot of the carpet, so it was not visible. Spent the next hour or so chatting to friends on DC and laughing at other people's antics (someone got the days all muddled up, didn't they Gina!?) At 11 a.m. I was feeling awake enough to have a bath, and then got on with making Christmas cards, It's not something I really like that much, albums are more to my taste, but we need a lot to sell at the Christmas Market in December, so I have to do a few each week. I was so tired that it was difficult to concentrate on anything, so after lunch - if you can call bread and cheese and a coffee *lunch* -I tried to have a sleep, but inspite of being tired I just could not sleep. OK - plan B, large cup of strong coffee and then did the place-cards for the big supper on Friday night when all the guests will be coming, and they are even legible. This evening I want to try a few pockets and tags with the new stash I bought on Sunday, the ones I made I like very much, so I will try a few more. And then the dreaded seating plan for Friday will be due, but if I plan it in my head while I'm stampin' and sprayin' I should get it done quickly. And if not, I will have had a nice evening, and tomorrow is another day!
(The pockets and tags have been made using glimmer mist, Tim Holtz screens, and diverse stamps and accessories.)


  1. well im in good company, with someone else who gets days of the week wrong. lol dare i say tuesday, (i just whispered that)lol
    your tags, and pockets are just beautiful. and im sure when creating your bound to get that seating plan sorted, hopefully before you go to bed tonight. and sleep will come easy to you. hugs gina xxxxx

  2. Your word in God's ear, Gina, I hope so too!!

  3. Hope you managed a good sleep and that today is better for you Val!
    Loving your pockets and tags.
    Sue xx

  4. hope you've had a better day today valerie...

    maria x


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