Sunday, 16 August 2009

Good morning sunny Sunday!

I am beginning to think that that wasp which stung me yesterday must have been carrying a fully loaded KO hypodermic syringe under it's left (or right) wing ( I am purposely stating *left* and *right* wing as I do not want anyone to think I am trying to be political) . I am used to stings irritating for a few days or causing allergies, but this one just knocked me out. After having slept all afternoon on my wonderful recliner /rocker, I half woke up for a couple of hours, tried to do some typing which had more mistakes per square inch than high pixel photos have dots, and then staggered off to bed and slept for another 8 hours. Woke up because 2 birds were having a loud argument in the tree in front of my window. I don't mind them using my tree, I don't mind them singing and chirping and laying eggs and doing all the other little birdie things which are natural to them - but why the hell does it have to be at 7a.m. on a Sunday? All I ask is a little consideration, or that they argue in front of the neighbour's window, for instance. (Sorry, W., if you're reading this, no offence meant, you like getting up early anyway....) Anyway, as I was up, I wanted the day to start positively. Went to the bathroom, washed my hands, and smiled at my self in the mirror. At least, that was the intention - who the hell was that wrinkled old hag-bag grinning at me from under hair that looked like it was the site of a bird's fighting-ring? And what was that big red mark on her neck? It couldn't have been Dracula, he chooses young and crispy gals - it could only be the sign of the wasp! OK, decided that this experiment with smiling in the mirror should be put off to a better time, like when I can't find my specs or when I have already had at least 3 bottles of pro-secco, I tend to see better then. Well different, at least. Wobbled on to the kitchen, still under shock, and made my first cup of coffee with my "Dolce Gusto" machine, the best thing I have ever bought, that is for sure. Always makes lovely coffee, no mess, no fuss, it was made for me! So, reached the safe haven of my computer table without adding to the pattern on the carpet and wrote my morning greetings on the forum, before starting the same on here. And if there is one thing I do not want to see today, it is a wasp!


  1. Hi there, love what you have done to your blog title, very pretty. That photo is Gina is great! Glad to hear you are feeling better today after yesterdays escapade with the evil wasp.
    Jackie :-)

  2. you have been throught the wars this week. lots and lots of sparkles to a safe new week for you. you should achieve this, by sitting on your sofa and not move for 7 days. lol
    as this cannot be achieve, i think we will go with sue's plan and pad out your room, to keep you safe.
    loving your new blog, and your demo's really useful. thankyou!
    have a good day.
    gina xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Thanks Gina and Jackie. The next wasp that I see will be killed on sight, no mercy! But I think a week sitting still is not possible! Have a nice day you two, too! Hugs, V-J

  4. Stay away from wasps today Valerie! Love the new look to your blog - esp. the daily puppy! He's cute.
    Sue xx


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