Saturday, 5 June 2010

The birds....or Hitchcock revisited.

Do you remember that scary film with all those nasty birds? At the moment it seems to be happening here....They showed us on TV that crows are attacking pedestrians and cyclists who come too near to their nests and their fledglings. Some parks and leafy paths have had to be blocked for a few days to protect people from the aggressive birds. There are a lot of birds in the park round the house here, they wake me up in the morning and chatter and sing all day, but no attacks up till now.... But actually I wanted to tell about my *word-birds*. Sue Bubbles sent me a template for making pretty little paper birdies some time ago, and as I am heading home next week, I decided to make birds with little sayings or verses written in tiny letters around the edges- hence the name, *word-birds*- to give to all the people I have got to know here as a little farewell present. At first I wanted to make ten, but the first ones *flew off* very quickly, so I had to make more, and they just kept multiplying, inspite of those who left the nest earlier than expected. I used papers from Anna Griffin, from the *Bridgeport* Stack from SEI, and from Sarapapers *Flea Market Fabrics*, all liberally decorated with bling and stickles, and each with a heart on the right spot, like the people I have met here.


  1. Loving those word-birds! Hugs, Sarah

  2. They are fabulous Val!
    Are you looking forward to going home?
    Sue xx

  3. Thanks Ladies! Sue, I am looking forward to going home, it has been a good time here, but it's not home!

  4. Your wordy birdies are gorgeous Val! Wont it be lovely to sleep in your own bed again,
    Jackie :-)

  5. WOW Valerie, your birdies are gorgeous - they will be treasured I am sure! Arent they a lovely simple thing to make...Im so glad that template came my way!
    Enjoy your last week Valerie, we will have to throw a homecoming party for!
    Sue xxx

  6. Thanks Girls! I have missed my own bed very much, and a homecoming party sounds great!!!

  7. What a wonderful idear, I love the idear of word birds, what a wonderful gift I bet they will treasure them I bet you will be glad to be home hugs alma xx Oh yes home coming party sounds fun :)

  8. lovely birds val, and yes...


    maria x

  9. I love those birds, Annette x

  10. Thanks Netty, nice to see you here!

  11. Oh I just love these little birdies Val, they are sooooo beautiful!!!
    Lovely to see you crafting again too!
    Suzie xxxxx :)


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