Wednesday, 17 February 2010

More distressed tags, stress with a neighbour and a blog award....

So, let's start with the good news. I got a blog award from Gill aka Drumcloggirl over at the Scrapbooking forum on DC. Here it is:

There are, as always, strings (conditions) attached - I must tell again three things I would /should never do. OK, you asked for it:
1. - I would never call my downstairs neighbour an old goat out loud. I just think it. She loves boiling cabbage - very healthy - and so I open the little window(about 6" square) in the stair-case to let a little of the cabbage steam reach the outside world before it arrives in my bedroom. This causes her to start screaming about *fools who don't know that it is winter*. She always starts cooking at about 7a.m. so it will be ready when her son comes home at 7p.m. I am one of those strange people who do not take kindly to being woken by clouds of boiled cabbage. After having written this, I am hoping that neither she nor her son ever get to read this blog.
2.- I should never start making more distressed tags before I have cleaned up the mess from the day before. (Please note the use of *should* instead of *would* in this case.
3.- I would never be so rude to show my middle finger in public. Even when provoked, I just gently push my glasses a little higher on my nose. I can't help it that my middle finger is longer than the others and therefore my fave digit.
Thanks for the award, Gill, I will start thinking about the three recipients as soon as I have cleared up my kitchen.....

And for those who are interested, the technical details:
It was such fun making these tags that I coudn`t stop! My favourite is the last one with the quote from *Macbeth*. Used recycled card again, and as colours crushed sage, tumbled glass, forest moss, rusty hinge and wild honey. All by T.H. - what else? The forest moss is really like a dark pine forest, looks almost black, just gorgeous! Decorated the cards with stamped skulls, flourishes, dragonflies, ferns and butterflies. And of course, the quote from *Macbeth* -By the pricking of my thumbs, somwthing wicked this way comes*,(Used to be thinking of my Aunty P. when I said that!) On one I cut out a larger skull, painted it with crackle varnish and then fixed it with foam pads. Some of the other motives have been embossed and /or glimmered with stickles and painted with crackle varnish. Used ribbons, die-cut dragon flies, transparent butterflies, mini prima flowers, bits and bobs of old costume jewelry,(Well I hope it was costume jewelry after I have ripped it apart!!) and on one a TH film-strip which I sewed on - wonders never cease! Thanks for looking!!


  1. Great tags and lovely, funny writing, I love the way you write! You should (could) publish a book! T

  2. Hi Val, Thank you so much for your three things you would never do!!! So fab and funny!!!!

    Your tags are fab as always. Spent an hour last night watching youtube videos about TH products. Must invest!!!!!


  3. Thanks Gill, although I do not always find Mrs OG downstairs funny....Yes, do buy some distress inks, but be warned, they are addictive!

  4. Your tags are wonderful love your fun three things


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