Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ladies' Night in Pseudonym.....

People who know me may not be disposed to believe this, but last night I actually went *out*. And I don't mean a visit to a friend's or a scrap shop, but to a club-discotheque here In Bad Honnef. Of course, I didn't want to. But some other gals had decided we should all go to Ladies' Night, and put the pressure on till I agreed to go with them. We all got a bit dolled up and went out at 8p.m., not really knowing what to expect. We knew it only cost 3€ to get in, and thought we couldn't expect too much for that price....But we were wrong. Nice surroundings, good music, very friendly service, and the price included 4 free drinks. Only for ladies, the men had to pay the regular prices. Perhaps they will be able to enjoy equal rights one of these days! The selection of free drinks was good - wine, beer from the barrel, mineral water, cola, juices, tea, coffee, sekt - there was something for everybody. We spent an enjoyable 2 hours there, listening to the music, chatting, dancing and behaving a bit like teens out for their first night on the town....All in all, the place is well worth a visit & very good value for money, so if you happen to be in Bad Honnef on a Monday evening, make tracks for *Pseudonym* ( www.club-pseudonym.de) and enjoy a nice evening....And they don't mind if you decide to spend more than 3€.


  1. WTG Val!! Sounds like a really good night out.
    You go girl!
    Sue xx

  2. Wow Val good for you, sounds like a fab night

  3. Yes, it was good to have an evening out!

  4. WOW val, that sounds a good night out, especially the price including drinks, pleased your having some fun while there...

    maria x

  5. Thanks Maria, we have a lot of fun here, so that's good!


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