Friday, 9 September 2016

A school photo and a day by the Rhine

Hi Everybody!

For Art Journal Journey, Elizabeth's lovely theme of 'Back to school'
I have a hybrid page using a photo of my husband taken on his last day of school They had been ordered to appear in suit and tie, but he rebelled, and wore a cord jacket and pullover! Typical....

Susi and I had fun at the Rhine, we walked almost 18000 steps to justify eating a nice, big meal at the Greek restaurant.

Yes, the young folks like to play....

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for  coming by!


  1. What wonderful art! I love seeing the loveliness you create. I'm glad you had a nice time with your friend, the photo of your shadows is fun.

  2. Love the page with your husband, he was very handsome. Great photos of you and Susi too, looks like you had a fun day. Enjoy your outing tomorrow, hugs Sarah

  3. I love the art you've created using your husbands school photo--- very charming! You know...if you like, I could fix that old photo of his if you'd like. (no cost) I like to goof around fixing old photos... who knew? lol

    1. Thanks, will get back to you about that!

  4. Love the photos! So nice to see you both and have faces for names :) Super art too, it's a fabulous collage :)

  5. I love these personalized posts Valerie. Your husband was quite a handsome young man, and definitely a man who thought for himself. :) I also noticed his haircut. Its a popular style now around here, and I don't remember ever seeing it before, but there it is, on your husband. :) So I guess he was a man ahead of his time too. Loving the photos of you and Susi. You both look so happy so I believe you are having a great time and getting plenty of chatting and exercise. Walking 18000 steps means you have lots of talk time. Enjoy your visit! And say hi to Susi for me. Hugs-erika

  6. Lovely school piece with your husband's photo! You and Susi are having so much fun!

  7. Wow Valerie! What fabulous artwork and photos! Amazing photo of your dear husband! Looks like you ladies were having fun! :) TFS

  8. What a wonderful Back to School entry. Your husband was incredibly handsome. Rebels are often the ones we are drawn to. I know I am!

    I laughed at you and Susi playing in the park. You look like you are getting along SO well. It's like a match made in (ON) the internet. I am so glad you two got to share this time together, and really LOVE seeing the two of you together. You both look very happy.

    Again, love this latest AJJ entry that is personal to you in so many ways.

  9. A very special blog post today, Valerie. Terrific, handsome man you married. AND, you look so young in the photo. I am happy you and Susi are having such a good time. You will both lose weight walking so far. However, it appeared to be a perfect day in every way.

  10. eine schöne seite valerie,ich hab auch gerade besuch von einer blogfreundin,sie bleibt ein paar tage,wir haben uns gleich verstanden und sie liebt unsre elbe und hafen.
    du und susi passt echt gut zusammen und man sieht den spass den ihr habt,grüeße susi mal von mir.
    wünsch euch ein schönes we.

    hugs jenny

    1. Wie schön, viel Spaß mir Deiner Blogfreundin und mach viele Fotos!

  11. Fantastic page Valerie and good to see your husband decided to be himself on the photograph. Wonderful image of the old books I wanted to touch them.

    Great to see that you and Susi are having fun and what wonderful photographs you have shared with us.

    Enjoy today whatever you are doing-not sure anything you eat when you have friends to stay has any calories to think about. We have Linda coming today to stay and we can eat anything at all without it counting.

    Love and hugs to you both-well not until she goes home and I hop on the scales lol

    Chrissie xx

  12. Such a handsome man, love the photo of you 'girls'.xx

  13. Lovely post today :)
    Wonderful journal page and such a nice photo of your husband Valerie.
    awww look at you both - what a lovely photo and that swing Susi was on looks fun - is that the same place that has the slide in it? and if so, did you both play on that too? :)
    Hope you had fun at the craft fair.
    love to you both..... Gill

    1. We didn't go on the slide but found some other fun toys! Craft fair was GREAT!

  14. Oh gosh, how lovely to see you both. Is that the first time you have met? I'm quite jealous of you both. I've met two blogging friends from Europe and it is a wonderful experience.
    Your piece with your husband is very touching. It looks like another world, another time.......

  15. Now THIS is my favorite journal page Valerie. Your husband was a heart throb and I am sure he drove the girls craxy.
    Wonderful pictures of you and Susi -- I am quite jealous of Susi now. Why can't I visit you!!!!
    Sandy xx

  16. Fantastic journal page Valerie,
    Your husband must have been such a strong character... to decide not attend wearing a suit and tie (hehe) The rebel.
    Great to see you and Susi having such a great time together. 18,000 steps... I do hope the meal was worth it! Don't you just love swings? I do!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  17. hallo valerie.

    meine blogfreundin möchte keine bilder von sich im netz zeigen,also gibt es auch keine bilder,stempelmekka war uns zu weit,wir waren heute tretbootfahren das war auch ganz toll,das wetter war auch schön,die gezeigte schulseite hab ich vorher schon gemacht als sie noch nicht da war.
    da bin ich ja mal gespannt was ihr so für neue stempel gekauft habt im mekka.
    schönen abend noch.

    hugs jenny

  18. Valerie what a gorgeous art page you created with your husband's photo. He is very handsome. Loving the bulldog clip you used. And I am sure you and your lovely friend had a lovely meal after your walk.
    This will also be perfect for one entry as an anything goes creation for our challenge below.
    {ATG with a CREATE WITH TLC Element}
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  19. A wonderful page with your husbands last school photo, a big step to take back then to rebel against dress code.
    Loved the happy photos of you and Susi, you look like you are having a real fun time and the weather is being kind and letting you enjoy walking and dare I say....playing together.
    Happy Sunday
    Yvonne xx

  20. A superb page with that gorgeous old photo!! Good on your hubby, - a man after my heart!

    Love the photo of you and Susi!! You look as if you were having a super time! Oh and I love the a-symmetric 1 earring only look :o)

  21. Love the page and your husband was a very good looking young man!!!!! Looks like you ans Susi are enjoying your visit ♥♥♥ Love seeing the photo of the two of you!

  22. A fabulous page - hope your rebel hubby didn't get into trouble! Love these photos of you and Susi! Chrisx

  23. A very handsome fellow, your husband!!
    Such beautiful photos of you and Susi!! xx

  24. I LOVE your vintage looking page -and what a handsome man hubby is! Thanks for sharing your fun photos of your time together-you guys look great and very happy !

  25. A great journal page using your husbands school photo, such a handsome young man.
    Looks like you and Susi have been having fun.
    Avril xx

  26. Einen wunderschönen Hintergrund hast du für das alte Foto gezaubert! Die Frisur passt dort viel besser zum Rebell - schwungvoll zerzaust - als auf dem Originalfoto.
    Wunderbar, dich und Susi auf einem gemeinsamen Foto zu sehen, ihr strahlt so viel Freude aus - und das Schattenfoto ist toll!
    LG Rike

  27. There you are!
    Two of my favorite artists and bloggers!!!
    Super excited that you got to spend time together.
    The page you created with your handsome free spirited husband really touches my heart.


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