Friday, 22 July 2016

This and that on Saturday

Hi Everybody!

Today we had less sun, and although it was a little less hot outside, it will take a few days for my overheated apartment to cool down. At least it was pleasanter to walk about!

For Art Journal Journey, in my garden there is, I have filled my head with flowers and birds to cool off a bit:

We had a sunny start to the day again:

Lots of flowers:

The bees are busy:

 The apples in the field behind the house are growing:

Not many people were at the market on Wednesday:

And the horses were busy grazing, as always:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. lovely page, hope it helped you to think cooler thoughts! Stunning flowers. Soon it will be time to think of the fall.

  2. Love the art!!!!!!!
    Thanks for more lovely oics too!!

  3. Fabulous page Valerie and lovely photos, have a great weekend.
    Avril xx

  4. Another lovely post, beautiful art and glorious photos. Hope the weather soon cools off for you. Hugs Sarah

  5. A gorgeous journal page, I love your take with the head filled with beautiful images, it must be a good place to be.
    Wonderful photos today. I have a question though...I wonder why, the horse has its eyes covered ?
    Have a good weekend
    Yvonne xx

    1. I found from a friend who raises donkeys that they cover the eyes to protect them from flies. Evidently, some are bothered more than others.

    2. This is true, some horses really need them.

  6. Love this page Valerie. A mind full of beauty too. Brilliant pictures once again. Enjoy your week-end. Hugs Rita xxx

  7. That's a fantastic AJJ entry today. It may be a fantasy, but it's a beauty.

    It takes days for heat to cool in any place like yours. And because you live on a top floor, heat has accumulated there. It would be nice if you owned a window fan, because that would help remove the heat during the day and cool the place down at night. I'm really worried about you, dear. Stay as cool as possible, please. Heat stroke is nothing to laugh about.

  8. Sorry it gets so hot in your apartment. Here it gets very hot during the day but cools down at night. The flowers flourish with the warm temps and the horses are so beautiful. I also like your head filled with flowers. What could be better? Have a great, cool weekend, Valerie.

  9. I love that your heads are back again. This is a wonderful piece today. And the flowers are gorgeous. They must love this heat, and all the rain you had before the heat. I hope your apartment cools down and get comfortable again soon. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  10. Fabulously designed head full of flowers, what a way to go, love it and love your nature photos.....oh now you have me inquisitive, love in an are so sweet...lots a Ausssie love your way.xx.xx {aNNie}

  11. Beautiful page today, I love that sentiment! Wonderful photos, love the market, plan to check ours out this weekend. hugs :)

  12. Was für eine floral verspielte Idee mit dem Kopf! Schööön! Und herrliche Aufnahmen!
    Schönen Samstag liebe Valerie!

  13. Der neue Header ist auch wunderschön!

  14. A beautiful Mind, must be a lovely place to live. XOXO

  15. OH I really like what's on your mind with your lovely collage liebe Valerie!
    I never get enough of flowers either...all kinds delight me so.
    Beautiful beauty break with your artwork and always special nature photos.
    p.s. sounds like you need Popsicles for breakfast lunch and dinner to help cool you down...hope you get cooler soon ♥

    1. Hihi, good idea! I've been living of salad and fruit, cold and juicy!

  16. oooh valerie deine seite ist soooo zauberhaft und deine schönen blumen und pferdebilder sind ja traumhaft.
    ich hab es heute auch mal geschafft und hab auch eine seite für AJJ,bin ganz schön aus der übung *LOL*
    einen schönen abend dir,dein neuer header ist klasse.

    hugs jenny

  17. Cool idea!
    Fabulous quote for your beautiful spread Valerie.
    Great photos.. was wondering about the blind folded horse too,
    so the answer was interesting to learn.
    Hope you've cooled down a bit and having a good weekend
    Gill xx

  18. Beautiful head full of flowers Valerie and more wonderful flowers everywhere is lush and green

    Even the horses have an extra shine

    Sleep well

    Love Chrissie xx

  19. This is very clever, head full of flowers, brilliant idea. Love this. Tracy x

  20. Love the page Valerie and I can so relate to the quote ♥ It's so me in every way.

  21. Your page is stunning. I love the soft colours, the birds and the gorgeous flowers. Beautiful photos as well. you have such a good eye. Hugs, Teresa

  22. I think this page and the sentiment suit you to a "T"!
    The fruits at the market look so good and fresh.
    I have always loved window gardens.
    Sandy xx

  23. my! Your roses are stunning! hugs


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