Sunday, 29 December 2013

Making the best of a rainy day

Hi everybody! 
The past couple of days have been wet and cloudy, but I still managed to find a slot here and there where it was dry enough to get out for a walk in between showers. I also finished the second journal page in my giant journal. The page was painted with acrylics over gesso, and then doodled and stamped. I used sequin waste as a stencil, and my beloved Mr UM has made an appearance, too. I found more figures lurking in the background, so they have also been drawn in. I used pastel chalks to highlight the colours.


 This looks rather like grey sky over blue water,  but it is just different layers of the sky over the meadows leading down to the Rhine.

There were hundreds of wild geese on the river, every few seconds, a group of them took off, about 20 each time, and flew away in their wonderful v-formation.

And somebody has evidently thrown their Christmas tree into the Rhine - things like this really annoy me, as they all get collected for nothing by the refuse disposal.

 Raindrops keep falling on my head....

Is this poor chap going to jump into the river?

 And others were walking waddling along Market Street:

 Have a great day, take care, and may all your rain clouds have silver linings!
Thanks for coming by!


  1. Beautiful pages Val. They look so colourful and bright. I love your pictures, especially the ducks. That Mallard is so gorgeous. Like you I get most annoyed with people who don;t look after the countryside. Sheer laziness is what I think. Hugs Rita xxxxx

  2. Wonderful journal pages again, I love all those people who just pop out of the background! great photos, too, love the ducks and geese! Hugs, Sarah
    PS - I'm away tomorrow, back on Tuesday!

  3. I never tire of you including Mr UM in your creations.
    Wonderful photos to share with us.
    Enjoy what remains of this Sunday.

  4. sagenhafte Farben und Tiefe.. ich liebe ihn auch den Umbrella Man -- und Deine Fotos sind wieder mal mehr als gelungen!



  5. I follow your blog & posts every day! Love your neat painted journal pages & all your sketches.

    I also get VERY disturbed when I see trash in the rivers, lakes & creeks. However, Christmas trees ARE a helpful habitat for fish. (My husband is knowledgeable about all natural resources.) Larger fish may lay eggs in the branches. Smaller fish use Christmas trees for protection from prey.

    Just a tidbit of information,
    Grandma Nancy Sapp

    1. Interesting to think that the tree will perhaps become a fish home! Thanks for your comment!

  6. Beautiful journal page, love the face, tree and bird so beautifully placed. Looks like a wet walk, hope you stayed warm. Sad about the Christmas tree in the Rhine, people can be so ignorant. Big hugs, ~ Diane

  7. Tolle Seiten sind das geworden. Ich mag es, dass so viele unterschiedliche Figuren aufgetaucht sind und bleiben durften!

  8. WOW...your journal pages are spectacular! Also love your beautiful pictures.

  9. beautiful page and gorgeous photos! I noticed that those berries are eaten by the wild animals over the winter.

  10. your journal page is fantastic!!! Beautiful, I always enjoy when you take us on a walk, too bad about the Christmas tree, not a very thoughtful thing to throw in the river,

  11. Hey Valerie - I am grinning ear too ear. First off because I see a very good friend up there - Christina - we have been friends a good while now and I told her how much I enjoy your blog.
    Looks like she is enjoying the journey too. Wait until she sees your food!!!
    Your journal page is gorgeous with wonderful colors and is it just me, or do I see a little Egyptian going on or is that Mesopotamian? I seem to see a hawk too.
    The picture above the duck with the orange feet is spectacular! Wish I had boots to match his feet!!

  12. Wundervolle Journalseiten mit so vielen schönen Layerings :) Mir gefällt das blau und die Schrift neben dem Regenmann besonders....Dein erstes Foto ist einfach magisch! Und vielen Dank fürs Inspirieren raus in die Natur zu gehen...ich kanns grad gebrauchen :) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling

  13. Amazing artwork Valerie and the colours would brighten any dull day. So many wonderful images to admire and contemplate on the pages.

    Brilliant photos as always. The every changing face of your environment astounds me.

    Have a great day and a wonderful 2014

    Love Chrissie x

  14. Boah valerie,ich kipp aus den socken grad,deine journalseite ist der megakracher soooo genial,toll finde ich auch das schöne blau und die muster im regenschrimmann,danke für die tolle inspiration.
    die naturbilder sind auch traumhaft,da bekomme ich auch lust in die natur zu gehen.

    wünsch dir ein frohes neues jahr,mit viel gesundheit,glück,und vielen tollen creativen ideen.

    hugs jeannette

  15. Lovely art and photos Valerie.... I especially love the ducks.

    Litter bugs really annoy me. Grrrrrr.

    Karen x

  16. Once again very skilful painting, Valerie. I like the face outline in white and the lovely leaf shapes.
    It's always wonderful and touching to see geese flying in formation and I love the ducks photos.

  17. I always enjoy looking at your photos. So much energy. :) Happy New Year 2014!

  18. Awe, I love that gesso! Your page and pictures are gorgeous - so much color in each. I hope you have a wonderful New Year's eve and I look forward to playing with you more in 2014! xoxo

  19. Lovely paintings and photographs. Thank you for sharing them.

  20. It has been so much fun to see all your art this year. These latest pages are no exception. Very clever for spotting the other figures in the background! Wishing you good health, much happiness and a creative 2014!

  21. I have to tell you I have really been enjoying your photos. Especially the ones with a bit of rain in them.
    Your Pages look fabulous. I Love seeing your work.. Hope you have a Happy New Year..


  22. More fabulous pages and I do love how Mr. UM joined you on the stroll. The pictures looks quite chilly and damp, but still so beautiful! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  23. Ein grandiose Seite! Tolle Farben und so viele schöne Details! Ein wirklich fantastische Komposition und auch wieder ein wundervoller Post!
    LG, LonettA

  24. Always enjoy seeing your giant journal! And ... the photos of the Ducks - so simply charming. Want to take them all home. hugs, Donna


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